17% Indian pregnant women suffer from obesity, diabetes

At least 17 per cent of the pregnant women in India are suffering from obesity and diabetes and carry a high risk of transferring the diseases to their babies, leading gynaecologist said on Friday.

Is the office 'cake culture' putting your health in danger?

Expert says cake culture' is fuelling obesity and dental problems.

How yoga can help you age gracefully!

Regular yoga practice can help fight chronic lifestyle diseases like hypertension, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, reproductory disorders, and respiratory and cardiovascular related health concerns.

How overeating can actually make you eat more!

Overeating reduces levels of a hormone that signals the feeling of fullness in the brain, potentially promoting more eating.

Mothers' obesity, gestational diabetes ups early puberty risk in daughters

Daughters born to overweight mothers who also developed gestational diabetes are significantly more likely to experience an earlier onset of one sign of puberty, a new study has found.

Binge eating may also trigger depression

Binge eating episodes lead to obesity which, in turn, causes depression owing to weight stigma, poor self-esteem and reduced mobility.

Humiliation bothers obese air travellers the most

Humiliation bothers obese air travellers the most

Feelings of shame and humiliation bother obese air passengers more than tight seat belts and tiny seats, says a study.

How does obesity take its toll on distant organs?

How obesity causes disease in the organs that are distant from those where the fat accumulates is not well-known. Now, a team of scientists has taken an important step towards understanding the links between obesity and the related, yet physically distant, diseases it causes.

Unhealthy snacking at workplace can lead to obesity

Many companies provide free snacks and beverages to incentivise productivity and boost morale of its employees. However, unhealthy snacking may cause an office obesity epidemic.

Surprising health benefits of orange-grape fusion!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: We all know that grapes and oranges are packed with rich nutrients and high antioxidants. Recently Warwick University researchers discovered that a mixture of red grapes and oranges can ward off obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.


Eat grapes to help lower obesity risk

According to researchers, grapes may also help counter the negative effects of a high fat diet, including heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

More women opt for silicon balloon implants to lose weight: Doctors

 With obesity on the rise among women, experts have said that silicon balloon implants in the stomach are becoming popular among young women in order to reduce their appetite.

New weapon in war against obesity

A team of scientists has uncovered a potential approach to combat obesity in those prone to weight gain.

These are the worst times of day for being sedentary!

Nowadays, however, many people are becoming increasingly conscious about their bodies and many can also be seen wearing fitness trackers on their wrists.

Obesity, diabetes in pregnancy hastens early foetus growth

They found that the fetuses of women subsequently diagnosed with gestational diabetes grew excessively prior to diagnosis, between 20 and 28 weeks.

Weight-loss surgery, a cure for diabetes

Peters noted that weight-loss surgery is dramatically more effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes than a conventional treatment of diet changes and medication.

Diabetes drug may help obese, overweight adults lose weight

The results showed that blood glucose levels of the group that underwent liraglutide prescription dropped to normal and their waist circumference was found to be smaller.

Steroid use can turn 'good' fat into 'bad'

The research indicated that prednisolone could be enhancing conversion of energy from a meal into stored "bad" fat while not allowing brown fat to do its work of turning energy into heat.

Beat obesity with safe, non-surgical weight loss treatment

All patients demonstrated weight loss and dramatic hunger reduction levels after undergoing the treatment. 

Obesity linked to asthma risk in women

A recent conducted at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia has claimed that obesity and PCOS ( Polycystic ovary syndrome) are independently linked with asthma in women.