Energy drinks trigger hyperactivity in school children

 Middle-school children who consume heavily sweetened energy drinks are 66 percent more likely to be at risk for hyperactivity and inattention symptoms, reveals a new study.

Childhood obesity: How parents can help avoid their kids from being overweight!

Childhood obesity is a serious health condition that negatively affects children's health and well-being due to excess body fat.

Encouraging healthy diet among toddlers can help curb childhood obesity

A new study has revealed that promoting healthy eating habits from infancy can help prevent childhood obesity and the onset of chronic disease.

Parents often ignore childhood obesity

Parents often fail to recognise their children`s weight gain as a health concern, says a study.

Sleep deprivation increases risk of childhood obesity

Take note of how many hours of sleep your baby is getting as researchers have found that sleep deprivation during infancy and early childhood increases risk of obesity and adiposity or overall body fat later.

WHO deeply concerned over childhood obesity

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has expressed deep concern over the worldwide increase in childhood obesity.

Obese kids likelier to have slower cognitive function

Researchers have found that obese children are slower than healthy-weight children to recognize when they have erred and correct it.

Children with strict parents tend to be obese: Study

A new study has found that your parenting style can have an impact on your child`s weight, and strict parents make their kid pack on the pounds.

50% parents do not see their child`s weight problem

One out of two parents of overweight children feel that their kid`s weight is normal, according to a new European study.

Too posh to push? Beware! C-section boosts child`s risk of obesity

A new study conducted by researchers suggests that babies born by caesarean section are more likely to struggle with obesity later in life.

Obesity epidemic in Europe fuelled by lack of exercise and high fat diet

Obesity epidemic is slowly taking over the world. The fast paced lifestyle and careless way of living has further pushed up this epidemic. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that lack of physical inactivity and diets high in fats, salts and sugars has led to obesity and overweight is becoming "the new norm" throughout Europe.

Controlling appetite could help in preventing childhood obesity

Two studies have revealed that heartier appetite could help in tackling obesity and affect more rapid infant growth.

Training kids to pay less attention to food might help them eat less

In a new study researchers have reported using a single session of attention modification to decrease overeating in obese children.

Childhood obesity has long-term effects on health

Childhood obesity can have long-term consequences - even when kids later lose weight, scientists say.

Childhood obesity could lead to type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease later in life

A new study has found that childhood obesity has long lasting consequences, even when kids lose weight.

How to find if your child will grow up to be overweight

Researchers, set up an interactive website to gather information about childhood predictors of adult body mass index (BMI) from the general public.

Why parents fail to recognize child`s obesity

Researchers have revealed that more than 50 per cent of parents are not able to recognize that their child is overweight.

Overweight kindergarteners likelier to become obese adults

A new study suggests that development of childhood obesity cases or incidence is largely established in kindergarten.

Fast food not major cause behind childhood obesity

A new study has found that fast food consumption may not be the major factor in the rapid increase in childhood obesity.

Three risk factors most highly correlated with child obesity identified

Researchers have identified the three most significant risk factors for child obesity among preschoolers: inadequate sleep, a parental BMI that classifies the mom or dad as overweight or obese, and parental restriction of a child`s eating in order to control his weight.