Wikipedia can predict the next disease outbreak

An increase in visits to Wikipedia pages about a disease can predict its next outbreak, a study suggests.

WikiTweaks for Chrome restyles Wikipedia to avoid content distractions

WikiTweaks for Chrome has restyled Wikipedia that can help users to avoid distractions from the links within the text body and stay focused on the main content.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales calls 'Wiki Zero' life saver

 Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales believes that free access to educational material could save a lot of lives, and has launched a project known as Wiki Zero to do the same.

Nitish Kumar launches Bihar on Wikipedia campaign

JD(U) leader and former Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday launched the `Bihar on Wikipedia` campaign to "strengthen Brand Bihar".

Wikipedia blocks `disruptive` edits from US Congress

Wikipedia has blocked editing rights from some computers at the US House of Representatives for "disruptive" revisions on the online encyclopedia.

Man-robot duo owns 2.3m articles on Wikipedia

Swedish physicist Sverker Johansson reportedly adds more than 10,000 articles to Wikipedia every day, and has contributed 2.7 million articles which constitutes for 8.5 percent of Wikipedia.

People with health concerns shouldn`t trust Wikipedia, say experts

A new study has revealed that Wikipedia contains errors in nine out of 10 of its health entries and people with health issues should speak to their doctors first.

Probe over Hillsborough online insults

The British government was on Friday investigating claims that official computers were used to post inflammatory comments about the Hillsborough stadium disaster on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia to launch redesign across more than 32 million pages next week

Wikipedia is reportedly launching a massive redesign that will scale across 32,533,899 pages in 287 languages.

New software helps you better map specific person in text

Researchers have reportedly developed new software, which establishes connections between the mentions of names in a text and potential persons or places.

Wikipedia to add voice samples of famous people on site

Wikipedia has reportedly announced that it would soon be adding voice samples of popular personalities on their respective biographies on the site.

`Unknown` Oz cricketer scores fastest 39-ball BBL ton

A relatively unknown Australian cricketer, who has been contracted to Big Bash League side Perth Scorchers, has reportedly scored the fastest ever century in the history of the domestic Twenty20 tournament.

Wikipedia demands PR firm to stop paid editing services

Wikipedia has sent a cease-and-desist letter to a company called "Wiki-PR," which reportedly sells paid editing services on the well-known online encyclopedia, seeking to stop the service.

New Algorithm assessing quality of Wikipedia articles

An algorithm is assessing the quality of Wikipedia articles, which will reassure visitors about the content of site.

Wikipedia initiates `article-on-SMS` service

Wikipedia has reportedly initiated ` article-on-SMS` service, in which articles will be sent via text messages, and the service is aimed primarily at African users.

Wikipedia blocks `sockpuppet` user accounts

In its investigation into paid-for `sockpuppet` entries, free online encyclopedia site Wikipedia has come across hundreds of such user accounts who are breaching the site`s policy for promotional purposes.

New technique can write your life history using Twitter!

Researchers have developed a new technique that studies your tweets to identify the most significant events you have experienced and assembles them into an accurate life history.

Wikipedia abandons efforts to combat hidden online `porn`

Wikimedia Foundation co-founder Jimmy Wales deleted a thousand images deemed inappropriate for children in April 2010, but the `wiki community` just restored 900 of them.

New maths model to predict box office success

A new mathematical model which can accurately predict films that become blockbusters or flops at the box office - up to a month before the movie is released - has been devised.

Most intense `edit-wars` on Wikipedia revealed

The most intense ` edit-wars` on `Wikipedia` which is the largest online encyclopaedia site have been revealed by a group of international researchers.