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This is why you should drink ginger juice!

Ginger is good for health as it contains a good amount of antioxidants and vital minerals which help combat many diseases

Easy tips to keep acne at bay!

Acne can pop up any time and its causes are many. It could be a genetic problem or hormonal or constipation or simply lifestyle issues. 

Here's why cumin seeds (Jeera) is good for you!

Do you know that `Jeera` has substantial health benefits and medicinal properties that can fight diseases like cancer, asthma and indigestion.

Yoga your way to glowing skin!

Add yoga to your daily routine if you want glowing and healthy skin.

Too much vitamin B12 may cause acne

Too much vitamin B12 may promote acne, according to a study.

Five foods you must avoid to have healthy skin!

While foods are necessary for your body, there are certain items that can ruin your skin if not taken in moderation. 

These body-building steroids can cost you your health

A new research has revealed that anabolic-androgenic steroids that promise to build a bigger and a stronger body in actual creates some powerful and contradictory conditions.

Keep skin problems at bay this summer!

With acne, heat rash and dryness becoming common skin problems during the summer season, make sure to avoid touching the face frequently and carry essentials like hydrating cleanser, moisturiser and hand sanitiser, says an expert.

Six awesome ways to protect and pamper your hair this summer!

A few quick fixes for your summer hair issues by renowned Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Bharti Taneja.

Six kitchen remedies to cure acne!

Peep into your kitchen to vanquish acne, says an expert.

Navin Taneja, director of The National Skin Center, shares home remedies to cure acne: 

Slimy snail facials latest beauty regimen for perfect skin

Snail facial has come out to be the latest beauty craze among the ladies across Thailand, it has been revealed.

Kate Winslet suffers from adult acne

Kate Winslet suffers from adult acne

Actress Kate Winslet says she suffered from acne after turning 30.

Antioxidant in grapes may help treat acne

Resveratrol, an antioxidant derived from grapes and found in wine, can inhibit growth of the bacteria that causes acne, a new research shows.

5 beauty benefits of Sandalwood for your skin

It is not possible to rush to the salon to get an expensive beauty treatment everyday. So, here are the tips on how sandalwood can help keep your skin glowing and healthy this summer:

Five ways to avoid acne

Executive Director, Alps, Gunjan Gaur comes to rescue – and tells how to keep your complexion acne-free all year long.

Skin care: 5 easy ways to keep pimples at bay

Acne is amongst the most common skin problems that people of all age groups, especially teenagers face.

New smartphone app helps you get rid of acne

Got acne? There`s an app for that!

Five ways to ward off acne

The onset of summer often means a nightmare for people with oily skin. Choose the right skin care products to protect your face from zits, says an expert.

5 superfoods for a healthy skin

Today`s busy lifestyle schedules might leave you with a dull face that lacks lustre. In such a condition, diet plays a very important role as there are no short cuts to attain a healthy and glowing skin naturally.