How HIV infection progresses to AIDS

Instead of directly causing AIDS, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) turns host immune cells into suicide machines, using them to spread the virus and cause the progression from HIV to AIDS.

Suffering from AIDS? Babus to declare before going to Bangkok for training

Bureaucrats interested in attending a month-long training programme in Bangkok have been asked by the government to submit a medical certificate confirming they are not suffering from AIDS or other infectious diseases.

HIV ancestors have infected primates for 16 million years

Viruses closely related to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that may cause AIDS have infected primates in Africa for as long as 16 million years, says a new study.

Food security improves HIV outcomes

A farming intervention programme aimed at reducing food insecurity has also helped improve HIV outcomes in patients in Kenya, reports a new study.

Many AIDS deaths caused by TB in Mizoram

Many AIDS deaths in Mizoram were actually due to Tuberculosis (TB), state health department officials Thursday said.

New low-cost HIV drug launched in Uganda

Marking an advancement in its fight against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the Ugandan government on Sunday launched a cheaper one-pill-a-day drug for HIV treatment.

Miley Cyrus launches lipstick range to 'end AIDS'
Miley Cyrus launches lipstick range to 'end AIDS'

 Singer Mylie Cyrus is the new face of the makeup company's Viva Glam lipstick and tinted "lipglass", aimed to help AIDS patients as every sale will go towards MAC AIDS Fund.

Scientists successfully modify human immune cells in lab

 Using a popular genome-editing system, scientists have for the first time devised a new strategy to precisely modify human T-cells, also called immune cells.

Indian, African experts to participate in HIV-AIDS conference

Experts from India and East African nations will brainstorm ways to accelerate new preventive technologies for HIV-AIDS and to ensure greater role of low and middle-income economies in its vaccine research during a high-level technical session Tuesday.

Indian-led US team develops plant protein-based drugs for multiple infectious diseases

A team of scientists, led by an Indian, has reportedly developed a plant protein-based drug for treatment of all infectious diseases, including Malaria, AIDs and Ebola.

AIDS awareness to be made mandatory in Kerala schools

Kerala government has decided to make awareness about dreaded disease AIDS mandatory among school students of class 8 to 12, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy Tuesday said.

Hope for early treatment? Teen in 'remission from HIV 12 yrs after stopping medicines'

A French teenager born with HIV has been in remission for 12 years after stopping her medication, a world-first that renews hope for the prospect of early treatment, researchers said Monday.

8,000 HIV patients at risk in Eastern Ukraine: UN envoy

Some 8,000 people with HIV in war-torn eastern Ukraine face a critical shortage of medicine and their supply will run out in mid-August unless a blockade is lifted, a UN AIDS envoy has warned.

Cholesterol metabolism linked to slower HIV progression

People infected with HIV who have enhanced cholesterol metabolism in certain immune cells experience much slower disease progression, a new study has found.

Why HIV progresses slowly in some people

Even in the absence of HIV therapy, some HIV-infected people may not suffer from AIDS for many years due to enhanced cholesterol metabolism in certain immune cells, which is an inherited trait, shows research.

New drug compound may reduce HIV potency

Researchers have discovered that supplementing existing antiretroviral therapy with a natural compound can reduce the potency of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), thereby halting the progression of AIDS.

Milwaukee museum to display portrait of pope made of condoms
Milwaukee museum to display portrait of pope made of condoms

The Milwaukee Art Museum says it hopes a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made of condoms will ignite a conversation about the AIDS epidemic in Africa and the role art plays in public discussions, director Dan Keegan said on Monday.

Shocking: HIV positive mother labelled 'Bio-Hazard' by Meerut hospital staff!

Zee Media Bureau/Ritu Singh

Meerut: Despite all efforts, AIDS continues to be a word that generates more anxiety than awareness in India. The following case depicts the true picture of the stigma and discrimination faced by HIV positive patients.

New male circumcision device gets WHO nod

A new voluntary male circumcision device that does away with sutures, involves minimal bleeding and is disposable has been approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for use.