Exercise-induced hormone that keeps us healthy not a 'myth'

Researchers have confirmed the existence of irisin, a hormone linked to the positive benefits of exercise.

Molecular switch that creates long-term immunity found

A protein responsible for preserving the antibody-producing cells that lead to long-term immunity after infection or vaccination has been found, new reserach shows.

Antibodies developed to battle chikungunya virus

Scientists are developing antibodies in order to defeat mosquito-borne chikungunya virus.

Effective vaccines against dengue in the offing

In a finding that could lead to the first effective therapies and vaccines against dengue, scientists have determined the structure of a human antibody which can fight the deadly virus.

Potential treatment to cure MERS identified

In a first, researchers have discovered therapeutics that have successfully protected and treated mice infected with the virus that causes the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

New antibody weapons against Marburg virus found

Scientists have identified new immune molecules that protect against deadly Marburg virus, a relative of Ebola virus.

'Effective' human anti-HIV vaccine comes closer to reality

An HIV vaccine research has generated key antibodies in animal models.

Scientists 'redesign' antibodies to control HIV

Thanks to some redesigning, an antibody now has more power and can neutralize more strains of HIV virus, than any other recognised natural antibody.

Computer 'redesigned' antibodies to fight HIV

Scientists have used a computer programme to "redesign" an antibody which is highly potent and can neutralise more strains of the AIDS-causing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) than any known natural antibody.

Two-drug combination reduces colon cancer by 67 percent

An international phase one clinical trial published on Monday and led by Barcelona's Vall d'Hebron Hospital shows that a combination of two new antibodies, that act against the same protein, reduces by 67 percent tumours in colorectal metastatic cancers that no longer respond to conventional treatment.

World's first paper-based drug test developed

 Finnish researchers have developed the world's first paper-based drug test that enables a rapid analysis of whether a compound, such as morphine, is present in a given sample.

Antibodies that may trigger psychosis in kids detected

The presence of two antibodies may trigger episodes of psychosis in children, says a study, affirming a longstanding belief that auto-immune disorders play a significant role in psychiatric illnesses.

Blood test can predict whether young kids will be future diabetics

A new study has found that by measuring the presence of autoantibodies in the blood of young children could detect the development of type 1 diabetes.

Device to detect dengue from saliva in 20 minutes

A team of researchers here has developed a paper-based disposable device that will allow dengue-specific antibodies to be easily detected from saliva within 20 minutes.

10 new antibodies found against cancer

Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark are reported to have developed 10 new antibodies that can be used in the battle against cancer.

New drug therapy to help kidney transplantation

A new pre-operative drug therapy to reduce antibodies in kidney patients may increase their chance for kidney transplantation and decrease the likelihood of organ rejection, says a study.

Antibodies of llamas can counteract HIV: Experts
Antibodies of llamas can counteract HIV: Experts

British scientists found that the antibodies of llamas can be effective in neutralising a series of viruses, including HIV, the PLOS Pathogens magazine reported.

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp to produce Ebola treatment for US Dept of Defense

The U.S. Department of Defense has exercised an option with Canada`s Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp for the company to make 500 courses of its experimental treatment for Ebola, Tekmira said on Thursday.

Flu vaccines may help prevent heart attacks

The easily available flu vaccines may hold the key to developing a vaccine against heart diseases too, researchers have found.

Breast milk protects newborns from 'lethal' intestinal disorder

A new research has revealed that proteins found in breast milk protect newborn infants from devastating intestinal disorder.