Drug combo could combat pancreatic cancer

Pairing an experimental drug with an existing one could provide a more effective way to treat a form of pancreatic cancer than a single drug, new research has found.

Scientists aim to develop drugs to eliminate pancreatic cancer

Researchers, including those from India, are aiming to develop drugs that will allow physicians to prolong patient survival and possibly, even eradicate the deadly pancreatic cancer by targeting specific proteins.

Urine test may detect early-stage pancreatic cancer

A combination of three proteins found at high levels in urine can accurately detect early-stage pancreatic cancer.

Omega-3 fatty acids good for cancer patients: Study

Adding omega-3 fatty acids to the anti-tumour medications may improve treatment response and quality of life for cancer patients, says a study.

New compound could terminate pancreatic tumours

An effective therapy for pancreatic cancer could soon be a reality as researchers have discovered a chemical compound that reduces the growth of cancerous tumours in the pancreas by 80 percent in treated mice.

Blood test to spot pancreatic cancer comes closer

 Researchers, including one of the Indian-origin, have found a blood test effective in detecting pancreatic cancer in human patients.

Protein may yield early detection of pancreatic cancer

Scientists said Wednesday they had identified a marker in blood for pancreatic cancer, raising hopes for a test that would allow earlier diagnosis of this deadly disease.

John Hurt vows to continue acting despite pancreatic cancer diagnosis

 John Hurt may be 75 years of age and was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but that's not going o stop him from continue working.

Catch some sun to lower pancreatic cancer risk

Low levels of vitamin D could raise risk of pancreatic cancer as the rates of the disease are the highest in countries with the least amount of sunlight, says a study.

New options found for treating pancreatic cancer

Sufferers of pancreatic cancer, a disease hard to find and even harder to treat, will have new medical options thanks to genomic sequencing, Australian researchers announced Friday.

Pancreatic cancer discovery to improve treatment

Australian scientists Thursday said they have discovered that tumours in the pancreas have unstable regions hidden inside their genomes, a finding that has benefits for cancer sufferers by developing personalised treatment.

Veteran Tamil actor VS Raghavan passes away

Veteran Tamil character artist V S Raghavan, who had acted in more than 1,000 films, today died of pancreatic cancer here, his family said.

New 3-D culture system for pancreatic cancer developed

In a breakthrough, a new 3-D method to grow pancreatic tissue not only from laboratory mouse models but also from human patient tissue has been developed offering a path to personalised treatment approaches in the future.

New tool identifies invisible genes behind pancreatic cancer

German researchers have developed a novel technique that can identify previously unknown pancreatic cancer genes even invisible to genetic sequencing.

First step in origin of pancreatic cancer identified

US researchers say that they have identified the first step in the origin of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer detection could be just a blood test away

A new research has found that a simple blood test might help diagnose pancreatic cancer, one of the most deadly forms of the disease.

Early signs of 'pancreatic cancer' discovered

Scientists have found the early signs of pancreatic cancer that show the symptom's for the disease appear.

Modified vitamin D may treat pancreatic cancer

A synthetic derivative of vitamin D can collapse the barrier of cells shielding pancreatic tumours, making the seemingly impenetrable cancer susceptible to therapeutic drugs, scientists say.

Wild berry extract booster for pancreatic cancer drug

A wild berry native to North America may strengthen the effectiveness of a chemotherapy drug commonly used to treat pancreatic cancer, reveals new research.

New genetic risk markers identified for pancreatic cancer

A new discovery has been made with help of large DNA analysis of humans, which says that there are several genetic markers to identify pancreatic cancer.