Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive functions

Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive functions among patients even before the initiation of chemotherapy, finds a new study.

Fasting-drugs combo may replace chemotherapy

Fasting combined with a less-toxic class of drugs may starve cancer cells to death so effectively that the new treatment may one day replace chemotherapy, suggests new research.

Cancer treatment breakthrough by Indian American professor

Queen's University cancer researcher Madhuri Koti has discovered a biomarker that will help lead to better predictions of the success of chemotherapy in ovarian cancer patients.

3D printers help deliver customised drugs

Adding to the growing use of 3-D printers, researchers have now utilised the technology to develop personalised medical devices that can deliver antibiotics and chemotherapy in targeted manner.

How human neural stem cells alleviate `chemobrain` post chemotherapy

Scientists have explained how human neural stem cells repair cognitive function after cancer treatments.

Soon, cancer cells detecting 'Endoscope' to destroy tumors too

Scientists are working to upgrade the tool used to examine and detect cancer and other illnesses, called Endoscope, so that it can zap tumors as well.

First time in India, Kerala hospital performs rare treatment for acute blood cancer

Nineteen-year-old Neena (name changed) was suffering from acute blood cancer or acute myeloid leukaemia.

Canada court rejects doctors` bid to force native girl into chemo

 A judge on Friday rejected a bid by Canadian doctors to force an aboriginal girl into chemotherapy treatment in a groundbreaking ruling that affirms the right to pursue traditional healing over mainstream medicine.

Soon, 'scalp cooling device' to prevent hair loss after chemotherapy

A has revealed that the hair loss a consequence of chemotherapy could be halted by the use of special scalp cooling devices used before, during and after treatment.

`It is a myth that a woman diagnosed with breast cancer will have a family history of the disease`

As per statistics, as many as 1.6 million cases are reported annually. In rural India, 1 in 60 women is likely to develop breast cancer during her lifetime, whereas in cities 1 in every 28 women is likely to suffer from the disease.

Now, 'photodynamic therapy' to kill deep-set cancer cells in vivo

A new research has revealed about an FDA-approved photodynamic therapy that on being combined with a new type of nanoparticle effectively kill deep-set cancer cells in vivo with minimal damage to surrounding tissue and fewer side effects than chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy has no negative effect on fetus

Scientists have revealed that children who are exposed to chemotherapy or radiotherapy while in the womb suffer no negative impacts on mental or cardiac development from chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Protein therapy to stop cancer from spreading

A protein therapy may soon offer a safe and effective alternative to chemotherapy that doctors today apply to try to slow or stop cancer from spreading.

Exercise may curb chemotherapy side-effects

A new research has suggested that doing exercise might also benefit cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Exercise boosts tumour-fighting ability of chemotherapy

Scientists have found that combining exercise with chemotherapy may shrink tumours more than chemotherapy alone.

Kristen Johnston feels thankful every day, post lupus surgery

Emmy-winning actress Kristen Johnston, who is recovering from a lupus myelitis, feels grateful for each day that she spends and does not take anything for granted.

Two times cancer survivor Lyle ready for PGA Tour bid

Golf, as Mark Twain quipped, may spoil a good walk, but Australian Jarrod Lyle thinks a tough round beats chemotherapy any day of the week.

Brain cancer: Biomarker to predict chemotherapy`s effectiveness

Researchers have identified a new biomarker that predicts whether glioblastoma - the most common form of primary brain cancer - will respond to chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy likely to get less painful

In a major breakthrough that has long term implications for cancer patients, researchers have discovered the pain pathway in chemotherapy and also a potential way to block it.

Scared at the prospect of chemotherapy: Samantha Harris

Former `Dancing with the Stars` co-host Samantha Harris, who is battling cancer, may have to undergo chemotherapy and she is scared of it.