Breast-feeding may not cut allergy risk

Pregnant women and new mothers receive many messages regarding the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for babies in the first year of life.

Singing is more effective than talking for soothing crying babies

Researchers deliberately chose a language and music that would be unfamiliar to the babies.

Radio frequency identification in govt hospitals to tag babies

Adequate caution notices had been put up for antenatal, natal and post natal mothers, telling them not to leave their children under the care of strangers.

The sooner babies get cochlear implants, the better

Infants with profound hearing loss, who received cochlear implants to improve their hearing, soon babbled as often as their hearing peers, allowing them to catch up developmentally.

Blocking light can brighten preemies' survival chances

 The survival rate of preemies -- premature babies -- born between 26 to 31 weeks of gestation can be improved by blocking light from reaching the intravenously-fed infused nutritious mixture they depend on for survival, says a new study.

'Newborns shouldn't be given formula immediately after birth'

Breastfeeding is definitely not an easy task, and it is even more challenging when mothers are working.

Breastfeeding may expose babies to toxic chemicals

Breastfeeding may expose babies to a widely used class of industrial chemicals linked with cancer and interference with immune function, a new study has claimed.

Shorter women more likely to have premature babies

Shorter mothers are at an increased risk of delivering smaller, premature babies, says a new study.

Moms beware! C-section may harm your baby's 'concentration'

Soon to be moms need to think twice before opting for a C-section, as a new study has revealed that the process could impact the baby's ability to focus on a particular thing.

Mom's drinking at conception ups kids' diabetes risk

Women who drink around the time of conception may put their babies at increased risk of Type 2 diabetes and obesity in early middle age, warns a new study.

Teeth analysis could show lifetime exposures to metals, toxins

Analysis of our teeth may show lifetime intake of metals and toxins linked to diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, according to researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

Baby's first stool can help predict future IQ score

Analysis of a newborn`s first stool can alert doctors whether a child is at risk of problems with intelligence and reasoning, new research shows.

How health information causing modern mums anxiety, stress

As per a new study, modern mums are anxious and stressed about babies.

French woman goes on trial for deaths of 8 of her babies

A French woman is on trial accused of suffocating eight of her newborns, after she told investigators that she had feared they were children of a long, incestuous relationship with her father.

England to become world's 1st country to give babies meningitis jabs

England will become the first country worldwide to offermeningitis jabs to all babies from September, the Department of Health has confirmed.

Breast milk more nutritious in China than US

Babies in China are treated to more nutritious breast milk than those in Mexico or the US, suggests a new research.

Infant brains develop years earlier than thought
Infant brains develop years earlier than thought

A key element of infant brain development occurs years earlier than previously thought, scientists have discovered.The way we perceive faces - using the right hemisphere of the brain -- is unique and sets us apart from non-human primates.

Infants can think before they learn the words

Human babies can understand basic abstract relations - whether two objects are the same or different - even before they learn the words to describe such relations, new research has found.

High altitude may boost babies' risks for SIDS deaths: Study

Lofty living may make babies vulnerable to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), according to a Colorado study that found higher risks above 8,000 feet (2,400 meters).

Virender Sehwag stands for 400,000 babies

To put a spotlight on the cause of routine immunisation UNICEF recently launched the #babiesneedyou campaign, which urges parents and citizens alike to prioritize vaccination.