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Genes behind back pain and depression link: Study

The commonly found association between low back pain and depression is actually due to certain genetic factors, suggests a large study of twins.

Undiagnosed asthma higher among rural girls

 Teenaged girls who live in rural areas are more likely to have undiagnosed asthma than their male counterparts and very often are also at a higher risk of depression, says a study.

Fluoride in drinking water linked to depression, obesity

 Before you take that sip to quench your thirst, make sure the water isn't too high in fluoride content, as a new study claims, fluoride can cause depression and weight gain.

Know why eating banana is good for health!

Banana is a fruit which is loved by all and good for health. 

Diabetes, depression may increase dementia risk

Diabetes or psychiatric symptoms such as depression increases risk of dementia in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a new research has found.

Popping opioid painkillers in excess may 'intensify' depression

 A new study has identified the association between an increase in use of opioid medicines to manage chronic pain and an increase in depression.

Mobile app helps diagnose obesity, depression

Researchers have found that a mobile app equipped with evidence-based guidelines can help nurses better identify people with problems of obesity and depression, leading to higher diagnosis rates.

New app can prevent suicidal thoughts
New app can prevent suicidal thoughts

 A new phone app launched recently can help people ward off suicidal tendencies.

British women at higher dementia risk

Dementia is now a leading cause of death among British women and they are far more likely to end up suffering from physical and emotional stress, and consequent job losses, find researchers.

Why stress makes some people more vulnerable to depression

One reason why social stress makes some people more vulnerable to depression than others could be due to deficiency of serotonin, a crucial brain chemical linked to the feeling of well-being and happiness, a study suggests.

Ranveer Singh suffered from depression?
Ranveer Singh suffered from depression?

One of the most energetic actors in Bollywood, Ranveer Singh is never seen in a dull moment. The actor is often referred to as a bundle of energy who spreads his infectious charm where ever he goes. However, there is more than what meets the eye..

Low birth weight increases risk of depression

People born as extremely low birth weight babies are twice as likely to have psychiatric problems such as depression, an anxiety disorder or attentive-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as adults than others, researchers have warned.

Ethnicity not linked to diabetes among older patients

 Researchers have found that the prevalence of geriatric conditions and diabetic complications among older, insured patients with diabetes does not vary significantly by ethnicity.

Stressed? Know if it will lead to depression later

Measuring activity of a brain region which is crucial for detecting and responding to threats, it is possible to tell four years in advance if someone would become depressed or anxious in response to stressful life events, says a study.

How using Facebook can lead to depression
How using Facebook can lead to depression

Facebook lovers need to be aware, as a new study claims that use of the social media site can lead to symptoms of depression if it triggers feelings of envy among its users.

7 simple ways to overcome depression

Depression is a pervasive feeling or a state of mood which affects a person's thoughts, behaviour. 

Victoria Azarenka happy despite Aussie Open defeat
Victoria Azarenka happy despite Aussie Open defeat

Two-time champion Victoria Azarenka might be out of the Australian Open but she is not upset, happy that her comeback from injury and depression has gone so well.

Brits Google 'depression' 27 times a minute

 A new research has recently revealed that Brits Google "depression" 27 times a minute, which means that someone Googles "depression" every two seconds.

Depression risk if mood disorders during pregnancy

A study has found that women who experienced mood disorders during pregnancy may be at risk for more severe postpartum depression (PPD) than those whose symptoms begin after birth.

Depression, behavioural changes maybe precursors to Alzheimer's

A new research has said that depression and behavioral changes may precede the memory declines in people who later develop Alzheimer's disease.