Goth teens more prone to depression

Young people who identify with the Goth subculture could be at increased risk of depression and self-harm.

Smartphones not a smart choice for depressed people!

Depressed people who turn to their smartphones for relief could be worsening their psychological condition, say scientists, including one of Indian-origin.

Stress: Scary things it's doing to your body and how to deal with it

 The word 'stress' is generally used whenever we feel overloaded with work or other activities and wonder whether we can really cope up with the pressures put on us.

Successful fertility treatment ups depression risk in mothers

Women who give birth after receiving fertility treatment are five times more likely to develop depression compared to women ending up not having a child following fertility treatment, a new study claims.

Chronic skin disorder triggers depression

People with the common skin condition psoriasis may be at increased risk of depression.

Depression doesn't spread: Researchers

 A healthy mood spreads faster through social networks but depression does not, say researchers.

Middle managers at higher anxiety, depression risk

 If you have been recently promoted to a middle-management position in office, researchers have some bad news. Mid-level managers suffer higher rates of depression and anxiety than those at the top or bottom, says a new study.

Transparent partner key to stress-free romantic life

Romantic relationships that are supportive with fewer negative interactions will lead to a better psycho-social adjustment among young adults.

Depressed teenagers at greater heart disease risk

Major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder predispose youth to early cardiovascular disease.

How being addicted to the internet could make you sick!

Spending too much time online can damage your immune function.

Depression drug could delay brain injury recovery

Drugs used to treat a broad range of common conditions including bladder problems, insomnia and depression could delay the recovery of brain injury patients.

Humans to have sex with robots in near future?
Humans to have sex with robots in near future?

Experts claim that humans could soon be having sexual relationships with robots!

'Up to 10 percent Australian children suffering from mental health problems'

A ground-breaking Australian study has revealed as many as 10 percent of children suffer a mental health disorder during childhood, with up to one in 13 children considering suicide.

Diet rich in refined carbohydrates may make postmenopausal women depressed

Postmenopausal women who consume diet high in refined carbohydrates may be at increased risk for depression, claims a new study.

Deepika Padukone feels depression is a major health issue
Deepika Padukone feels depression is a major health issue

Actress Deepika Padukone, who faced depression in the past, feels it is a major health issue in the country today which needs to be addressed.

Eating refined carbs ups risk for depression

Eating food high in refined carbohydrates such as white bread and white rice may increase the risk of depression in post-menopausal women.

'Families of cancer-afflicted patients need counselling'

It is equally important to simultaneously deal with the emotional issues of families of cancer-afflicted patients to help them deal with the trauma and overcome grief, experts said here on Wednesday.

Picky eating may indicate anxiety in kids

Although parents generally see picky eating among children as just a phase, a new study says those with both moderate and severe selective eating may be at increased risk for depression and anxiety.

New anti-obesity drug could block fat absorption

Researchers have developed a new class of compounds that could prevent fat particles from getting absorbed in the body and thus potentially reduce weight gain.

Gut bacteria can trigger depression

 Intestinal bacteria plays a key role in inducing anxiety and depression that can lead to early life stress, scientists from McMaster University in Canada have discovered.