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Lifestyle and home remedies to deal with panic attacks!

Panic attacks can strike at any time as they typically occur without any warning.

New 'talk therapy' cheap, effective for treating depression

A simple and inexpensive "behavioural activation" therapy that can be delivered by non-specialist staff with minimal training at a far less cost is as effective at treating depression in adults as the gold-standard cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), a study suggests.

Foods that fight stress, depression – Watch slideshow!

Foods that fight stress, depression – Watch slideshow!

Foods that fight stress, depression – Watch slideshow!

Sports helped me fighting years long depression: Deepika Padukone

Sports helped me fighting years long depression: Deepika Padukone

Actor Deepika Padukone has revealed sports has changed her life and even taught her to fight with her two-year-long depression.

Brain inflammation may cause depression in MS patients, reveals study

A new study has shown that patients suffering with multiple sclerosis have higher chances of depression as a result of inflammation in the brain region.

Helicopter parenting may up depression risk in your kids

Students who had mothers who allowed them more autonomy reported higher life satisfaction, physical health and self-efficacy. 

Feeling depressed? Go for a walk!

Visits to outdoor green spaces of 30 minutes or more during the course of a week could reduce the prevalence of depression by up to 7 per cent and high blood pressure by 9 per cent. 

Yoga Day Special: This girl tried to commit suicide, what happens next will shock you – Watch!

Here's an inspiring video of a young girl, an aspiring actor, who had gone through such situation and was on the edge. But, what happened to her later will shock you.

Simple tips to deal with anxiety and stress!

But the good thing is that there are ways that can help you deal with anxiety. Here's how.

Easy tips and hacks to deal with mood swings!

Mood swings occur when you can go from happy to extremely sad in a moment without any reason or anything that triggers it. It can happen any time at any place. 

How smartphone is affecting your health

Nowadays, smartphone has become an integral part of our lives.

Are you at greater risk of anxiety?

Anxiety disorder -- the most common mental health problems -- is often manifest as excessive worry, fear and a tendency to avoid potentially stressful situations including social gatherings.

Binge eating may also trigger depression

Binge eating episodes lead to obesity which, in turn, causes depression owing to weight stigma, poor self-esteem and reduced mobility.

Beware, workaholics: Excessive working may elevate depression, anxiety

The study reveals that pushing work to the extreme may be a sign of deeper psychological or emotional issues.

Depressison lowers chances of pregnancy in women!

The study found a 38 percent decrease in the average probability of conception in a given menstrual cycle among women who reported severe depressive symptoms, compared to those with no or low symptoms.

Magic mushrooms show 'promising' results for treating severe depression!

Psilocybin, the psychedelic compound in ‘magic’ mushrooms, has been found to successfully clear symptoms of severe depression in patients.

Suicide - The leading cause of death among India's youth!

The study by London-based Lancet Commission on Adolescent Health and Well-being reveals that suicide is the leading cause of death among youngsters aged 10-24 in India.

Your depressed better-half can make you sad too!

These signs of frailty and depression are mostly found in older couples around the age of 65 years and older.  

Beware, women! Stress can worsen HPV infection

If it continues for some years, it can even lead to cervical cancer and other complication in women.

Antidepressants more effective with nutrient supplements

The findings showed that Omega 3 fish oils, S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe)*, methylfolate (bioactive form of folate) and Vitamin D, were all found to boost the effects of medication and can also be used as a mood enhancing therapy when taken with antidepressants.