Shell-crushing Jurassic fish revealed

An undergraduate student from University of Bristol, Britain, has revealed the feeding habits of an unusual 200-million-year-old fish.

Rise in sea levels 'far worse' than previously believed
Rise in sea levels 'far worse' than previously believed

A new study has recently revealed global oceans have risen at almost double the estimate in the last two decades than previously thought.

Investigators to use acoustic equipment to search for AirAsia black boxes

A specialist multinational team armed with acoustic equipment will arrive at the suspected crash site of a sunken AirAsia jet off Borneo on Friday, bolstering the search for the plane`s black box flight recorders.

Indonesia fears missing jet `at bottom of sea`

Dozens of planes and ships searching Indonesian waters for a missing AirAsia plane focused Monday on a patch of oil for possible clues, as a senior official warned the aircraft was likely at the bottom of the sea.

With 'violent' sea gobbling land, Odisha people wait for resettlement

As the sea is "turning violent" and eating into their lands, people of Satabhaya area in this Odisha district are stuck between government "apathy" and nature's scourge.

Centipede's genome gives new insight into how life developed on Earth

 A new study has revealed that centipedes, genetically sequenced for the first time, have given new insight into how life developed on Earth.

Ocean temperatures are now highest ever on record
Ocean temperatures are now highest ever on record

Scientists have recorded the warmest global mean sea surface temperatures ever.

New contributor to Arctic warming identified
New contributor to Arctic warming identified

A team of scientists have identified a new driver behind the Arctic region warming and sea ice melting.

Spain rescues 58 African immigrants in sea

 Spain`s Maritime Rescue service Sunday pulled out of water 58 immigrants from Sub-Saharan countries, who had set sail from the Moroccan coast in a small boat in the Mediterranean Sea.

Iceland's 'Loch Ness' monster video is 'authentic'
Iceland's 'Loch Ness' monster video is 'authentic'

The Icelandic commission has recently ruled the video of mythical ' Loch Ness' sea monster captured in 2012 to be "authentic."

Earth has 117 million lakes: Study
Earth has 117 million lakes: Study

Scientists have finally pinned down the number of lakes that exist on Earth - a grand total of 117 million.

Man jumps into sea from Bandra-Worli Sea Link

A man, suffering from depression, allegedly committed suicide by jumping into the sea from the Bandra-Worli Sea Link (BWSL) bridge early morning on Monday, but the efforts of cops and fire brigade to trace him failed to yield any results, the police said.

Montenegro offers holidays with luxury and the sea

Aiming to secure its status as one of the world`s most prestigious destinations, the Eastern European nation is opening a new high-end tourism complex along the shores of the Adriatic.

Snow cover on Arctic sea ice has thinned significantly: NASA

In an alarming revelation, NASA has confirmed that the snow on sea ice in the Arctic has thinned significantly in the last 50 years - by about a third in the western hemisphere and by half near Alaska.

Arctic sea`s thick snow drastically shrinking

A new study had claimed that the thick snow on Arctic Sea ice has significantly lost its depth.

Italy rescues nearly 100,000 migrants at sea this year

The Italian navy said today it had rescued more than 2,000 migrants over the weekend from boats in the Mediterranean, bringing the number it has brought ashore this year to nearly 100,000.

Sri Lankan asylum seekers arrive in Australia after weeks held at sea

A group of 157 migrants, thought to be Sri Lankan asylum seekers, arrived at a detention camp in Australia, government officials said on Monday, after having been held at sea by authorities for almost a month.

Italian, Maltese rescuers say 19 dead on migrant boat

Italian and Maltese rescuers found 18 bodies on an overcrowded migrant boat on Saturday, with Italian officials blaming toxic fumes from the engine and the Maltese military saying there could have been a stampede.

North Korea fires dozens of artillery shells into sea

North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells into the sea Monday in a live-fire drill near the disputed maritime border with South Korea that followed a recent series of missile tests.

North Korea fires two ballistic missiles into sea

North Korea fired two ballistic missiles into its eastern waters Sunday, Yonhap news agency quoted the South Korean military as saying.