Charlie Hebdo issue offered on eBay for thousands of euros

Copies of the latest edition of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which sold out within hours across France on Wednesday, are being offered on eBay for thousands of euros, prompting a media watchdog to blast sellers for "indecent" profiteering.

Microsoft builds support over Ireland email case

Microsoft said Monday it had secured broad support from a coalition of influential technology and media firms as it seeks to challenge a US ruling ordering it to hand over emails stored on a server in Ireland.

Online attack on eBay puts buyers' credentials at risk: Report
Online attack on eBay puts buyers' credentials at risk: Report

A report has revealed that eBay had been compromised following an online attack that placed malicious Javascript code within its product listing pages. People who clicked on some of its links where automatically directed to a spoof site that looked like the website's welcome page.

eBay crashes for second time in September leaving users enraged
eBay crashes for second time in September leaving users enraged

American multinational company eBay crashed for a second time in the month of September for over five hours on Sunday.

EBay`s PayPal president joins Facebook,to lead mobile messaging

Facebook announced it has hired the top executive of eBay`s PayPal division to lead the social network`s efforts to boost its mobile messaging.

Man offers word `the` for sale on eBay

An enterprising Australian man is selling the English word `the` written on a piece of scrap paper on eBay - and the bidding has already reached AUD 1,025.

eBay faces backlash on delays in handling cyber attack

Online marketplace eBay is facing backlash over its handling of a hack attack that exposed millions of passwords and other data.

After cyberattack, eBay recommends password change

US online giant eBay today said cyberattackers broke into its database with customer passwords and other personal data in what could be one of the biggest breaches of its kind.

Two Indian-American doctors charged in insider trading scheme

Two Indian-American doctors among six persons have been charged by federal regulator with in an insider trading scheme where they reaped nearly USD 3,00000 from confidential information.

Moyes' 'Chosen One' banner drawing bids over GBP 1,50,000 mark on eBay

Manchester United fans have reportedly put David Moyes Chosen One banner for sale on eBay and the bids for the banner have gone over the 1,50,000-pound mark.

eBay adds section for virtual currency in US website

The e-commerce bigshot eBay now allows users to deal in virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Dongecoin.

iPhone 5 with Flappy Bird appears briefly on sale for $94,000 on eBay

An Apple iPhone 5, loaded with highly-addictive game Flappy Bird, reportedly appeared for sale on online auction site, eBay, for a whopping 94,000 dollars.

eBay founder launches news site with NSA revelations

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar has reportedly launched his news site, `The Intercept,` with revelations about the US spy agency, National Security Agency`s mass surveillance programmes.

US man arrested for stealing brains, selling them online

A 21-year-old man has been arrested in the US for allegedly stealing brains of dead mental patients from a medical history museum and selling them on an online trading website.

Second-hand memory cards pose identity theft risk, warn experts

Selling old memory cards on sites like eBay without proper deletion of previous data may lead to identity theft, security experts have warned.

eBay apologises for putting up Holocaust memorabilia on sale

eBay has reportedly apologized for putting up Holocaust memorabilia, including the clothes of concentration camp victims, for sale on its site.

Edward snowden journalist Glenn Greenwald to join eBay founder

Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian, who earned notoriety for reporting the revelations by Edward Snowden about National Security Agency surveillance, is joining a new media venture being set up by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

eBay loses bid to dismiss US suit over recruiting

A US judge on Friday refused eBay`s (EBAY.O) attempt to dismiss a US Department of Justice civil lawsuit over its alleged agreement with Intuit to refrain from recruiting each other`s employees.

WikiLeaks server up for grabs on eBay

The server, which hosted WikiLeaks during its release of classified US State Department documents, is now on sale on eBay for a price of 25,200 dollars, as of Monday

Katie Price calls cops after Alex Reid`s girlfriend sells items on eBay

Katie Price called in police after she found that Alex Reid`s new girlfriend is selling gifts which she says belonged to her.