India, Germany to hold talks on environment, climate change

India and Germany will hold a bilateral meeting tomorrow aiming at strengthening the cooperation between the two nations on issues related to environment.

Genes, environment play role in 'drinking' during adolescence and beyond

Your genes and environment contribute to the link between you drinking alone, and under peer pressure.

Climate may impact how human languages evolve and sound

 Languages with complex tones are more likely to occur in humid regions of the world, while languages with simple tones are found in frigid areas or dry deserts, scientists say.

Scientists create 'genetic firewall' for new forms of life

A year after creating organisms that use a genetic code different from every other living thing, two teams of scientists have achieved another "synthetic biology" milestone: They created bacteria that cannot survive without a specific manmade chemical, potentially overcoming a major obstacle to wider use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

Environment not genes decides immunity as we age

After studying twins, researchers from Stanford University show that our environment, more than our heredity, plays the key role in determining the state of our immune system.

Forest issue: SC grants time to Centre for appointing Regulator

Supreme Court on Friday granted six months time to the Centre to appoint National Regulator for appraising projects, enforce environmental conditions for approvals and impose penalties on polluters.

Need for forest clearance hindrance to development works: Das

Jharkhand government has informed the Centre that several programmes in the state have been pending because of requirement of forest clearance.

Hopeful for new accord on emissions at Paris climate meet: Min

After playing a proactive role in the recent Lima climate talks in Peru, India Saturday said it hopes a new global agreement would be drafted this year at the Paris climate conference containing a complete plan for pre- 2020 actions for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Nothing to fear on forest rights issue: Prakash Javadekar

 Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Saturday said there should not be any fear among tribals of losing their forest rights and indicated that there might not be any dilution of the Forest Rights Act.

Kerala to be first state with green ABS policy

Kerala is all set to become the first state in the country to have a policy document on biodiversity conservation related "access and benefit sharing (ABS)", a UN green expert has revealed.

Two hours of exposure to diesel fumes harms genes

Just two hours of exposure to air pollution caused by diesel exhaust fumes can lead to fundamental health-related changes in biology by switching some genes on while switching others off, new research has found.

Human cells can 'feel' neighbours with fingers
Human cells can 'feel' neighbours with fingers

Human cells have finger-like projections that they use to feel their surroundings, says a study, adding that these can detect the chemical environment and can “feel” their physical surroundings using ultra-sensitive sensors.

Climate, clearance process dominated environment scene in 2014
Climate, clearance process dominated environment scene in 2014

2014 saw India playing a crucial role in protecting the interests of developing nations at the UN climate talks in Lima where negotiators prepared a way for a new ambitious and binding deal to be signed in Paris next year to combat global warming.

Parl panel examining recommendations on green laws

 The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment and Forests is examining the recommendations of a government-appointed panel, which reviewed various green laws.

Cemetery of mummies found in Egypt
Cemetery of mummies found in Egypt

Researchers have found a cemetery in Egypt which contains the remains of more than one million mummies.

Obama bars oil, gas drilling in Alaska haven

President Barack Obama declared Alaska`s ecologically rich Bristol Bay off-limits for oil and gas exploration on Tuesday, saying the move was necessary to safeguard the region`s fishing and tourism industries.

Environmentalists shouldn't blindly oppose projects: Goa CM

Making a pitch for the proposed Greenfield International Airport project at Mopa, Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar on Tuesday asked the environmentalists not to blindly oppose such projects.

Google Glass to enter space station next week

The wearable eye device from Google is all set to enter the International Space Station (ISS) for a flatworm study next week.

With rich-poor split, climate talks run into overtime

UN climate talks went deep into overtime on Friday as negotiators struggled to break a deadlock between rich and developing nations on the underpinnings of a world carbon-cutting pact. 

Watershed conservation can reduce pollution in India: Study
Watershed conservation can reduce pollution in India: Study

Indian cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Rajkot and several others that suffer from water pollution, have the potential to reduce pollution at the source by 10 percent through practices like watershed conservation and river bank restoration, a new study says.