Eurozone loans to private sector increase slightly: ECB
Eurozone loans to private sector increase slightly: ECB

Growth of loans to the private sector in the euro area, a gauge of economic health, is picking up speed, albeit very slowly, European Central Bank data showed on Friday. 

Eurozone unemployment lowest for three years

Unemployment in the eurozone fell to its lowest level for three and a half years in July, raising hopes that economic recovery in the single currency area is taking hold, official data showed on Tuesday

Greece says 'no' to bailout offer
Greece says 'no' to bailout offer

Results showed about 61 per cent voted "no," compared with 39 per cent for "yes," with 100 per cent of the vote counted.

Euro ticks up despite Greek debt worries

There was relief at the start of the week when it emerged Athens had managed to pay 750 million euros due to the IMF.

Eurozone exits deflation but dangers still loom

The eurozone exited four months of deflation in April, official data showed on Thursday, reversing a dangerous bout of declining prices, but problems remain and the recovery is weak.

Eurozone business activity slows in April: Markit

Eurozone business activity slowed in April after hitting an 11-month high in March, hitting hopes that a massive European Central Bank stimulus programme would give the economy a quick boost, a key survey showed Thursday.

Eurozone growth, inflation outlook brighter: ECB survey

Turning to the growth outlook for the 19 countries that share the euro, the survey saw an upward revision in experts` growth forecasts.

ECB meets bond buying target

The ECB launched its bond buying programme on March 9, joining the central banks of Britain, Japan and the United States in using so-called quantitative easing (QE) to boost their economies.

Euro sinks below $1.07, lowest in nearly 12 years

The euro kept falling on course toward dollar parity Tuesday, hitting its lowest level against the greenback in nearly 12 years.

ECB faces crucial test of "whatever it takes"

The European Central Bank faces a crucial test of its resolve to do "whatever it takes" to preserve the euro when it decides this week on buying government bonds to combat deflation and revive the economy.

Eurozone industrial production up 0.2% in November

Industrial output in the eurozone rose 0.2 percent in November, official data showed on Wednesday, a modest sign of more solid economic growth despite looming deflation.

European stocks slide on lower oil prices, Greece

European stock markets fell on Tuesday as traders reacted to further declines in oil prices and political turmoil in Greece which pushed the euro to a 29-month low.

Bank borrowing in new ECB loans programme disappoints

The European Central Bank pumped more liquidity into the financial system on Thursday in a bid to boost the eurozone economy but analysts said the uptake by banks was disappointing.

Eurozone economy grows weak 0.2% in third quarter

The eurozone economy expanded by 0.2 percent in the third quarter, official data showed Friday, a slight acceleration that will do little to quell fears that a sluggish Europe is hurting world growth.

OECD urges ECB to step up quantitative easing, trims growth forecasts

The OECD on Thursday urged the European Central Bank to step up support for the eurozone economy that its sees as posing a major risk to slowing world growth.

25 eurozone banks fail ECB health check: Report

Some 25 eurozone banks have failed a health check by the European Central Bank, reports claimed Saturday, citing leaked documents.

Switzerland lowers growth forecasts

Setbacks for recovery of the eurozone economy are affecting Switzerland which cut its own growth forecasts on Thursday.

Eurozone inflation drops to 0.3%, unemployment steady

Inflation in the eurozone fell to 0.3 percent in September, official EU data showed on Tuesday, signalling that the European Central Bank may have to go even further to avert the threat of deflation.

ECB to unveil details of new liquidity programmes

The ECB will this week unveil details of its plans to inject cash into the moribund eurozone economy, even as analysts express doubt about the effectiveness of the measures.

US stocks sink amid signs of weaker growth in Europe

Wall Street stocks slumped Tuesday for the third straight session as data showed a weakening eurozone economy and US tax rules to fight inversions hit pharmaceutical stocks.