Greece `leaving behind disastrous austerity`: Tsipras

Greece is "leaving behind disastrous austerity" and the so-called troika of creditors "is finished", Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras said Sunday after his party won the general election.

Anti-austerity protest greets ECB meeting in Italy

Thousands of anti-austerity demonstrators rallied in Naples Thursday as the European Central Bank convened in the Italian city to discuss how to avert looming deflation in the eurozone.

Draghi `supports` France`s call to boost European demand

French President Francois Hollande and Mario Draghi the head of the European Central Bank (ECB) have agreed that European demand must be lifted to head off a risk of deflation, French officials said.

European Central Bank website hacked; ransom demanded for data

The European Central Bank (ECB) said on Thursday there had been a breach of security protecting a database serving its public website. This led to the theft of email addresses and other contact data left by people registering for events at ECB.

New general strike hits Greece

The mission by the so-called troika of creditors -- the EU, IMF and the European Central Bank - is expected to push for more unpopular austerity measures to cover a fiscal gap of two billion euros ($2.7 billion) forecast for 2014.

Cyprus’ largest bank warns economy ‘on the brink’

Cyprus’ largest bank has warned that the Cypriot economy is ‘on the brink’ and immediately needs a liquidity lifeline from Europe.

German police begin clearing Occupy Frankfurt camp

German police removed anti-capitalist protesters from an Occupy Frankfurt camp that was set up nine months ago next to the European Central Bank headquarters.

Europe’s Sisyphean burden

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was condemned to roll a boulder to the top of the hill, only to see it roll all the way down again. It looks as if the eurozone will be carrying its Sisyphean burden for a long time.

Eurozone crisis: What it means and how it affects world economy

While austerity is highly advocated for countries facing a financial crisis, the dilemma is that slowdown of spending would adversely affect growth rates which will also come down.

Euro tense as ECB tender fails to impress

The euro was on the defensive against the dollar on Thursday, having shed all the week`s gains as investors doubted a massive 489 billion euro tender by the European Central Bank would solve the EU debt crisis.

Europe’s necessary creative destruction

Euro zone institutions and politics have to be reshaped to prevent this type of crisis from ever happening again. Until this risk is mitigated, lending costs will stay high for a long time to come.

‘Ex-ECB`s Papademos front-runner for Greek PM job’

A Greek economist, Papademos was vice president of the European Central Bank from 2002-10.

European Central Bank leaves key interest rates unchanged

The European Central Bank today retained the benchmark rates, continuing with its low interest rate regime to boost the region`s economic recovery.

European Central Bank rate to stay at 1.0% analysts

The European Central Bank was set on Thursday to leave its main interest rate steady at a record low of 1.0 percent, analysts say, despite tighter credit and concern the eurozone could be hit by deflation.