Mobiles & Gadgets: Nexus 5X & Nexus 6P

Google finally launches it's much awaited Smartphone Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Watch full video to find more.

Finally, a fitness wearable that is actually intelligent

Fitness wearable are fast becoming the gadget of the people thanks to the rising awareness for good health.

Can excessive use of Wi-Fi, gadgets, trigger headaches, allergies?

 Should you worry about 'wireless allergies'?

Video: Watch to know what gadgets these tech honchos use

Watch this video to find out what type of gadgets these tech CEOs and CTOs use as they reveal it all.

New estimate: Apple shipped 3.6 million watches last quarter

A new report estimates Apple shipped 3.6 million watches in the last quarter more than some analysts have estimated and enough to change the competitive landscape for fitness bands and other wearable gadgets.

Indians prefer ‘sleeping’ with smartphones over sex: Survey
Indians prefer ‘sleeping’ with smartphones over sex: Survey

More and more Indians are now hooked to smartphones and some are even sleeping with the devices in their hands, a survey has revealed, adding that some would rather give up sex for a weekend than part from their new "sleeping partner".

Is the tablet still relevant ?

The tablet category hit the fast lane almost instantly and seemed unassailable almost till 2014.

4 simple ways to track your lost smartphone

Ok! It happens. We all get careless at times and leave our phones somewhere unattended - be at the bar, the restaurant, park or the beach and Hola! They are gone. But seriously, there is no need to panic just yet over stolen or lost phones. And here is why.

Even toddlers love to use iPad
Even toddlers love to use iPad

Small babies are quite adept at using and mastering the latest technology, so much so that many toddlers can use an iPad when they are just one, and most of them master the gadget by their second birthday, reveals a new study.

Wearables market to grow 173%: IDC

The wearables market will maintain its momentum and see a strong growth of over 173 percent during this fiscal, an International Data Corporation (IDC) report on Monday said.

Levi's and Google team up to create 'touch-sensitive' clothes
Levi's and Google team up to create 'touch-sensitive' clothes

Renowned American clothing chain Levi's has joined hands with Google to bring you their touch-sensitive fabric inside your jeans.

'4G phones to constitute 7% of smartphones sales in India'

Sales of 4G handsets in India is expected to increase to 7 percent of total smartphone sales in the country this year, according to international market research firm GfK.

How smartphones are ruining sex lives
How smartphones are ruining sex lives

Have you been feeling dissatisfied with your sex life of late? Your smartphone may be to blame, suggests a study.

JLo limits kids from using gadgets
JLo limits kids from using gadgets

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez says she only allows her children to use iPads once a week and that she is a strict parent to seven-year-old Max and Emme -- her twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

Advertisers to get a glimpse of Apple Watch promise, challenge

Apple’s forthcoming smartwatch poses a conundrum for advertisers: How to tap the enticing possibilities of the tiny gadget without overwhelming consumers with messages.

BGR conference: Panel hopeful to achieve 500 million smartphone user base

According to research firm Gartner, smartphone sales grew by 20 percent in the July-September period and its expects that nine out of 10 phones will be smartphones by 2018.

Why watching movies in bed is a sure shot recipe for a bad back

 A new study has revealed that watching movies in bed on a laptop or tablet is bad for backs.

Most Indians prefer wearable technologies at work: Study

82 per cent of adults in India have worn technologies such as headsets, smart badges and bar-code scanners for work-related activities, according to Kronos 'Wearables at Work' survey.

Fujifilm launches new 'instax' camera

Fujifilm launched its new instant camera on October 23, incorporating the charismatic icon "Hello Kitty".

Yoga and meditation can help train people's brain to use gadgets better

People who practice yoga and meditation for longer periods can train their brain to use gadgets effectively in daily life.