'Smokers are three times more at risk of diabetes than non-smokers'

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day (WNTD), which falls on May 31, Dr K Vijay Kumar, MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), Consultant Physician and Diabetologist, Multi-speciality hospitals, Bangalore, talked to Salome Phelamei of Zee Media Corp on why tobacco use is particularly bad for people with diabetes.

New 'economic' urine test may replace need for blood samples

Scientists have developed a new urine testing method, that is not only economic, but is faster and could reduce need for blood samples.

Even athletes are at risk of fatal heart diseases

 Athletes whose fitness levels are very high may have life-threatening cardiovascular abnormalities, warns a new study.

Half hour of exercise 6 days a week cuts death risk by 40 percent

Indulging in physical activities for 30 minutes 6 days a week could slash death risk from any cause in elderly men by 40 percent, claims a new study.

Fat or fiction? Dispelling myths

Still struggling to come to grips with the notion that fat is good for you? It's time to distinguish between good from the bad and take the best pick.

Thermometer-like device could diagnose heart attacks

A simple, thermometer-like device that could make diagnosing heart attacks easier in remote or low-income locations has been developed.

Popular drug ups death risk in heart patients

A large study involving over 320,000 patients has found that a drug that has been used worldwide for centuries to treat heart disease, might contribute to an increase in deaths in patients with heart problems.

High salt intake causes 26% deaths in India: Report

A study by the WHO suggests that excess of salt intake results in almost 2.5 million deaths every year. In India, the data reveals that roughly 26 percent of all deaths are due to high blood pressure, heart disease caused by salt.

Urine test can predict obesity risk

The chemicals in urine could hold a clue to who is likely to become obese in future, new research says.

'Polygamy' puts you at 4-times higher risk of heart disease

If you practice polygamy and have multiple wives, your chances of developing heart disease is 4 times higher than others.

'Physical exercise along with a proper diet can help maintain a healthy weight'

Dr Veena Aggarwal, Head, R&D and Technical Services, VLCC Health Care Ltd, talked to Salome Phelamei of Zee Media Corp, on how eating better, being more physically active can help a person avoid being overweight and to stay healthy.

Sweetened drinks heighten risk factors for heart disease

Love sugary drinks? You might want to cut the consumption as new study shows beverages sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup drastically increases risk factors for heart disease.

Excessive intake of vitamins can lead to cancer

A new research has examined that excess use of vitamins and dietary supplements can increase the risk of cancer.

Link between cancer, diabetes and heart disease revealed

A new study has revealed that shared risk factors lead to diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Baby teeth may hold clues to future health risks

A simple test on baby teeth may one day predict potential health problems in adulthood, such as diabetes and heart disease, scientists say.

The shorter you are, more the risk you face of developing coronary heart disease

People with short height face increased risk of developing coronary heart disease, claims a new study.

‘Apples fight diseases, may help you lose weight’

In an exclusive interview with Salome Phelamei of Zee Media Corp, Naini Setalvad, Nutrionist, Obesity and Lifestyle Disease Consultant, talks about the various health benefits of apples and how eating an apple a day could keep the doctor away.

Malnourished children prone to diabetes, heart disease as adults

A new study in baboons sheds light on why people who are malnourished in early childhood often experience poor health as adults.

Here's when to take statins or not

A new study has offered clinicians tips to help patients make the right call whether to use cholesterol-lowering statins or not.

Combat exposure ups heart attack risk

Combat service, whether or not it leads to a full post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnosis, is itself a strong predictor of heart failure, reveals a new study of 8,000 war veterans in the US.