Hidden belly fat may be killing you: Expert

Visceral or "belly fat" stored within the abdominal cavity can do more harm to health than subcutaneous fat (fatty tissue lying directly under the skin), says an expert.

Higher `resting` heart rate linked to premature death

In the study, researchers assessed 46 studies involving 1 246 203 patients and 78 349 deaths from all causes, and 848 320 patients and 25 800 deaths from heart disease.

Walking faster, longer good for elderly

The study found that those who were more active had significantly lower risk of future heart attacks and stroke.

How air pollution risks your heart?

A team of researchers has explained what effect air pollution has on heart disease patients.

Belly fat more dangerous than obesity, says study!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: If you have a big belly fat, this news is for you! Deposition of fat around belly region is even more harmful than being obese, suggests a new study.

CPR by medics: Continuous pumping not a good idea

 CPR is the effort to restore a pulse and respiration in people whose heartbeat and breathing have suddenly ceased.

Can Diwali give you a heart attack?

Researchers compared air quality measurements to the number of patients treated for heart attacks between September 1993 and May 2014.

Want to have a healthy heart? Have sex twice a week!

Sex plays a major role in maintaining good heart health.

Women ignorant of No. 1 killer

Only 27 percent of women can name a woman in their lives with heart disease and only 11 percent can name a woman who has died from heart disease.

Cranberries can help curb urinary tract infections

Cranberries can help curb recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), the second most common type of infection in the body, researchers, including one of India-origin, have found.

Cardiac deaths falling among rheumatoid arthritis patients

Rheumatoid arthritis patients are twice as likely as the average person to develop heart disease, but a new study shows that efforts to prevent heart problems and diagnose and treat heart disease early may be paying off.

Get tested to confirm aspirin allergy

Don't let a little reaction stop you from fighting the heart disease as a new study has revealed that cardiac patients are often misdiagnosed with aspirin allergy.

Vitamin D can prevent heart disease in chronic kidney disease patients

Taking Vitamin D supplements could prevent the development of heart disease in chronic kidney disease patients, a study said on Thursday.

Vitamin D pill a day keeps unfitness, heart risk at bay

Most people generate vitamin D by exposing their skin to ultraviolet B rays in sunlight.

World Stroke Day: Ways you can reduce your risk!

Worldwide, stroke kills 3 million women and 2.5 million men every year.  

Women's hearts age differently to men's

A new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study has suggested that the main pumping chamber of the heart ages differently in men and women.

Researchers control heart rhythm by light

Researchers were able to control the direction of spiralling electrical waves in heart cells using computer-generated light patterns.

Insulin dose not linked to cardiovascular death

Insulin is not an independent risk factor for cardiovascular death, the findings showed.

Aspirin's disease-fighting abilities uncovered

In the study, researchers discovered the interaction between salicylic acid and HMGB1 by screening extracts prepared from human tissue culture cells to find proteins that could bind to salicylic acid.

When it comes to workouts, more is better for your heart

Heart failure occurs when the heart is not able to supply adequate amounts of blood to the rest of the body.