The essence of Bhagwad Gita

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Has Justin Bieber abandoned his pet Karma?
Has Justin Bieber abandoned his pet Karma?

Singer Justin Bieber has reportedly been accused by a dog trainer for abandoning his pet dog Karma.

Megan Fox believes in spirit guides
Megan Fox believes in spirit guides

Actress Megan Fox believes that her life is decided by spirit guides.

Justin Bieber names puppy Karma

Pop star Justin Bieber has named his new bulldog puppy Karma.

Justin Bieber names new pet dog `Karma`

Justin Bieber has named his new seven-week-old American bulldog "Karma".

When humanity goes to sleep on Diwali

The festival of Diwali comes and goes every year, and every time it is the same old tamasha of air and noise pollution that the harmless living beings have to deal with.

Miley Cyrus inks grandmother`s portrait on her arm

Pop star Miley Cyrus now has a huge portrait of her grandmother Loretta Finley inked on her arm.

The Karma of Satyavati, Dhritrashtra and Draupadi in Mahabharata

At the core Mahabharata remains a common issue of sibling rivalry, property war, subjugation of women and casteism. Right from the ambitious Satyavati to the fire-born princess Draupadi, everyone had to pay the price of their (bad) deeds.

Drew Barrymore `loves` her life now

Drew Barrymore has revealed that her life now is the way she had always wanted it to be and it`s all because of karma.

One-stop shop for Pakistani designers now in India

From Karma, Libas, Fahad Hussayn to Rizwan Beyg, the Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) is bringing some of their most renowned designers` labels to India through PFDC - The Boulevard, a design store that is set to open here Sep 20.

Electric car revolution faces increasing headwinds

The unrelenting bad news has led to questions about the readiness of electric cars and raises fresh doubts about a technology that has around since the late 1890s but still struggling to win over the public.

Sharon Stone puts Douglas` triumph against cancer down to good karma

Sharon Stone thinks that Michael Douglas won his battle against cancer because of his good karma.