Cannabis can cure cancer and even shrink brain tumours

A new study has examined that Marijuana can kill cancer cells and even shrink brain tumours.

Cholesterol drug may fight depression, relieve pain

If you want the benefits of medical marijuana without the "unwanted side effects" of cannabis, here is a piece of news for you.

Punishment pushes up pot use among teenagers

Suspending kids from school for using marijuana is likely to lead to more - not less - pot use among their classmates, a study has found.

Teen cannabis users have poor long-term memory in adulthood

Teens who are heavy marijuana users - smoking it daily for about three years - may have an abnormally shaped hippocampus and poor long-term memory, a new study has found.

Marijuana an inescapable issue for health chiefs, say experts

Marijuana will become an unavoidable policy issue for health watchdogs in coming years, a conference heard Wednesday.

Beware! Marijuana smoke can also cause allergy

Exposure to marijuana smoke can lead to allergic reactions in some people, says a study.

Marijuana should be made legal: Kelly Clarkson
Marijuana should be made legal: Kelly Clarkson

Singer Kelly Clarkson says she fails to understand why marijuana is not legal but alcohol is.

Jane Fonda admits to smoking marijuana 'every now and then'
Jane Fonda admits to smoking marijuana 'every now and then'

Jane Fonda has admitted to smoking marijuana "every now and then," but says it often clouds her judgement.

Marijuana use ups daytime sleepiness among kids

Use of marijuana is linked to excessive daytime sleepiness among adolescents, new research shows.

Jackie Chan shamed by son's drug use

With his son's drug charges generating headlines, Chinese star Jackie Chan said he felt shamed by his son's behaviour and hoped he will behave in the future.

Bid to stop DC marijuana slips through Congress

Campaigners vowed Friday to pursue the legalization of marijuana in Washington, after language intended to prohibit pot in the US capital slipped through Congress.

Seth Rogen: Was shocked to discover marijuana was illegal in LA
Seth Rogen: Was shocked to discover marijuana was illegal in LA

Actor Seth Rogen was arrested for smoking marijuana when he first moved here because he didn't realise it was illegal.

No arrests for possession of marijuana 25 grams or less in New York

New York: New Yorkers found possessing marijuana 25 grammes or less will no longer be arrested but instead be given criminal court summons, a shift in policy aimed at rebuilding the frayed relationship between police and communities.

Probe finds porous security at NYC's main jail

New York City jail officials plan tighter screening of guards and other employees after a city investigation found that vodka, heroin, marijuana and razor blades could be smuggled into Rikers Island in exchange for hundreds of dollars in "courier" fees from inmates.

US capital votes to legalize marijuana

Voters in the US capital backed legalizing marijuana Tuesday, in a symbolic victory for campaigners aiming to build on two states` 2012 decision to allow weed for recreational purposes.

Recreational drug use linked to birth defects

Babies born to mothers who used recreational drugs during pregnancy are more likely to have birth defects in the brain, said a study.

Toddler tests positive for marijuana in Puerto Rico

A 14-month-old boy tested positive for marijuana in a toxicology exam at a San Juan hospital, where he was admitted after his parents became concerned that he was sleeping too much.

Canadian woman arrested at JFK with guns: Police

Police say a 24-year-old Canadian woman has been arrested at Kennedy Airport with handguns, ammunition and 15 kilograms of marijuana in her checked baggage.

Marijuana protects in traumatic brain injuries: Study

The active ingredient in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, may help protect the brain in cases of traumatic brain injury, says a study.

Smoking ganja at early age hits immune system in adulthood

A new research has revealed that smoking marijuana during adolescence can lead to immune-related diseases in adulthood.