It’s official! US confirms marijuana does kill cancer cells

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Washington: After a series of laboratory tests and speculations, scientists from the National Cancer Institute (US Department of Health) have confirmed that cannabis, or marijuana, does kill cancer cells.

Nicotine changes marijuana's effect on brain

Although individuals who use marijuana plus tobacco have smaller a hippocampus, their memory function is greater.

Marijuana shouldn't be legalised, says Sharon Osbourne
Marijuana shouldn't be legalised, says Sharon Osbourne

TV host Sharon Osbourne has spoken out against the idea of legalising marijuana across the US and Britain insisting it's "all going to end in tears".

Greenhouse of 'genetically modified' marijuana
Greenhouse of 'genetically modified' marijuana

 Mexican Federal Police discovered an air-conditioned farm for cultivation of genetically modified marijuana in the state of Jalisco.

Watch: Sikh groom thrown off drugged horse during wedding procession
Watch: Sikh groom thrown off drugged horse during wedding procession

A Sikh groom's wedding plans went horribly off track when the horse he was riding, allegedly fed on marijuana, became spooked and threw the man off its back outside a Surrey temple in British Columbia.

How smoking weed may heal broken bone

Suffered a fracture? Smoke up some marijuana as a study has revealed that one of the components of marijuana significantly helps heal bone fractures.

US teens choose marijuana over cigarettes: Study

 While cigarette and alcohol use are declining in the wake of public health campaigns, marijuana use among teenagers is on the rise in the US, says a study.

Cannabis may help treat bone fractures: Study

A component in marijuana can significantly help heal bone fractures, according to a new study that paves the way for future use of cannabinoid drugs to combat osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases.

People replace marijuana with alcohol at 21

A study of marijuana and alcohol use in people between the ages of 18 and 24 has revealed that marijuana users change over to alcohol at the age of 21.

Miley Cyrus smokes marijuana with Snoop Dogg
Miley Cyrus smokes marijuana with Snoop Dogg

Singer Miley Cyrus was seen enjoying an afternoon marijuana smoke session with rapper Snoop Dogg.

Crowds count down to legalisation of marijuana in Oregon, then light up

 Crowds counted down the minutes to midnight then lit up joints as smoking marijuana became legal in Oregon on Wednesday, part of a growing legalization movement spreading down the United States` west coast.

Eight arrested over Albania `cannabis kingdom` shootout

Police arrested eight people overnight Saturday in connection with a deadly shootout in an Albanian village known as a "cannabis kingdom" for its industrial-scale production of the drug.

449 kg of marijuana seized in Delhi, one held

 Delhi Police on Monday arrested a person who was carrying 449 kg of marijuana in a truck, an officer said.

Pak's anti-narcotics force seizes drugs worth 2.6 bln rupees
Pak's anti-narcotics force seizes drugs worth 2.6 bln rupees

 Pakistan's Anti-Narcotics Force today seized 11 tonnes of drugs worth 2.6 billion rupees in the southwestern Balochistan province and the southern port city of Karachi, in the biggest haul in the force's history.

Wiz Khalifa pays USD 500 fine

 Rapper Wiz Khalifa has reportedly agreed to pay a fine of USD 500 after pleading guilty to misdemeanour possession of drug paraphernalia.

Canada top court rules marijuana cookies, teas legal

Canada`s Supreme Court on Thursday expanded the definition of medical marijuana to allow users to bake it into cookies or brew pot leaves for tea instead of only smoking it.

Deaths triple from synthetic marijuana in US

Deaths from using synthetic marijuana, or spice, have tripled so far this year and the number of emergency calls to US poison centers have soared, officials said Thursday.

Rick Ross arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession

 American rapper Rick Ross has reportedly been arrested in Georgia for possession of marijuana in his car.

Sleep problems linked to alcohol consumption in teenagers

Teenagers who sleep less or stay awake late in the night are significantly more likely to consume alcohol and marijuana as compared to their peers who report better sleep patterns, says a new research.

Morgan Freeman wants marijuana legalised
Morgan Freeman wants marijuana legalised

Actor Morgan Freeman has called for cannabis to be legalised "across the board".