This is how teens can now effectively manage stress, build resiliency

A new study has revealed that a novel resiliency training program can help teenagers effectively manage stress and increase productivity.

Kerry released from hospital after broken leg surgery
Kerry released from hospital after broken leg surgery

US Secretary of State John Kerry was discharged from a Boston hospital yesterday, 10 days after undergoing surgery on a broken leg he sustained in a bicycle accident in France. He declared he had not missed a tick on key foreign policy issues during his recovery.

Scientists grow forelimb in lab for first time ever

Scientists were recently able to grow a fully functional forelimb in a laboratory for the first time ever.

John Kerry's surgery on broken leg successful

 US Secretary of State John Kerry underwent a successful surgery to have a fracture in his right leg repaired, an official said.

New system may soon make sleep disorders history

A team of researchers has come up with a system to accurately track the dynamic process of falling asleep, which may help in diagnosing sleep disorders.

How brain processes spoken language decoded

Ever wondered why most English speakers pronounce the Sanskrit word `sri` as `shri` - a combination of sounds found in English words like shriek and shred? It all comes down to how our brain recognises speech sounds.

Researchers find molecule behind benefits of exercise

Researchers have discovered the reason behind why exercise is beneficial for good health.

Traffic lights bring unhealthy food to a halt!

Labelling food items with traffic light colours and positioning healthy products at eye level in a retail store can infuse healthy choices among customers, says a study.

New device helps in ovarian cancer treatment

Scientists have developed a microchip-based device that helps easy monitoring of patients` response to certain malignancies, including ovarian cancer, says a study.

Gene-expression-based biomarker can identify people at risk of breast cancer

Researchers have found that the breast cancer index (BCI) can accurately identify patients who continue to be at risk after five years of treatment with either tamoxifen or the aromatase inhibitor anastrozole.

Artificial ear built from living tissues

Scientists have created an artificial human ear by combining living tissues extracted from cows and sheep.

How meditation and yoga help reduce stress and enhance wellness

A new study has found that elicitation of the relaxation response produces immediate changes in the expression of genes involved in immune function, energy metabolism and insulin secretion.

World’s first lab-grown kidney implanted into rat

In a step that may aid scientist to get closer to being able to grow kidneys for humans, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA, have created a kidney in the laboratory, which works successfully when implanted into animals.

How brain loses consciousness during anaesthesia decoded

Scientists have decoded how a common anaesthesia drug creates loss of consciousness in patients undergoing surgery.

Men with belly fat ripe for bone loss

Men with belly fat are ripe candidates for bone loss and decreased bone strength, says a new study.

Meditation can improve emotional stability and response to stress

Meditation may produce enduring, beneficial changes in brain function, especially in the area of emotional processing, according to Boston University researchers.

`Deep sleep, not brain, switches on puberty`

Slow-wave or deep sleep may be the controlling factor in the onset of puberty, rather than the involvement of any brain part in this process, says a US study.

Aspirin can cut risk of throat cancer: study

Aspirin, already known to stave off a host of diseases can also reduce the risk of throat cancer, a new study has claimed.

Raising `good cholesterol` may not always cut heart attack risk

A new study has challenged a tenet of modern medicine that raising a person’s HDL — the so-called ‘good cholesterol’ — will necessarily lower the risk of a heart attack.

Mixing drugs, herb remedies can damage health

Herbal, dietary, energy or nutritional supplements may be good for one`s well being, but if combined with common drugs they can damage health.