Final stamp on US academics teaching in India likely during Obama's visit
Final stamp on US academics teaching in India likely during Obama's visit

International academicians could be paid as high as USD 12,000 for a 20-day teaching session in institutes here under a government sponsored-programme to help students across the streams get exposure to the best of faculties from abroad.

Quality of sleep really affects kid's academic performance

A new study has revealed that school-aged kids' sound sleep is linked to better performance in mathematics, languages and so in future academic success.

Breakthrough Prizes in science, math earn winners $3 million each

Academia doesn`t usually bring rich financial rewards.

Teens from rich nations better realise their science dream
Teens from rich nations better realise their science dream

Children interested in science are able to turn their interest into actual scientific knowledge to a greater extent when raised in wealthy countries, a study has found.

Smriti Irani launches academic project for children

Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Smriti Irani on Tuesday launched an ambitious project which seeks to inculcate early reading habits, writing and mathematics skill among children.

Maths Trivia

Americans called mathematics ‘math’, arguing that ‘mathematics’ functions as a singular noun so ‘math’ should be singular too.


Do Math competitions inspire students to gain proficiency in the subject? Patricia Mascarenhas finds the answer.

30% class III kids have problems with multiplication: Survey

Sixty-six per cent of Class III students in the country are able to answer mathematics questions correctly but 30 per cent still have problems handling simple multiplication, a survey released today said.

Programme to foster student innovators launched

To encourage next generation innovators and promote creativity, a National Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) acceleration programme was launched at the National Science Museum here Wednesday.

Is it magic or is it math?

There is more to math than you might imagine, says K Sampath Kumar. Here is how you can amaze your friends with magic math skills.

Chinese archaeologists discover country`s most ancient mathematics document

Chinese archaeologists claimed to have discovered the country`s most ancient mathematics document dating back over 2,200 years. The announcement was made on Tuesday.

Asian kids top international education test, US students lag

US scores on the PISA haven`t changed much since testing started in 2000, even as students in countries like Ireland and Poland have shown improvement and surpassed US students.

Film script on Super 30 is written: Anand Kumar

Super-30 founder mathematician Anand Kumar says the script for the film based on the success of `Super 30` has been written.

`Healthy` preterm babies at high risk for lower academic achievement

Scientists have claimed that premature babies are at higher risk for lower academic achievement, especially in mathematics.

Math is Fun

Are you anxious about Math? Worry not; there are several ways to make it a fun subject, says Gauri Rane

The Number Game

Dearth of quality teachers and teaching techniques are the core reasons for the Math phobia, Prachi Rege finds out.

Texas banker puts up $1 mn for tricky math solution

A Texas banker is upping the ante to USD 1 million for whoever solves a tricky problem that`s been dogging mathematicians since the 1980s.

Dev Patel to play mathematics genius Ramanujan

`Slumdog Millionaire` star Dev Patel is all set to play Indian mathematics genius Srinivasa Ramanujan in a biopic, to be directed by Matthew Brown.

New math method improves study of evolution of solar system

In order to improve a simulation designed to study the evolution of the solar system through time, numerical mathematical methods have been developed at the Computing Faculty of the University of the Basque Country.

Ramanujan’s 125th birth anniversary to be celebrated worldwide

The world is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the birth of Srinivasa Ramanujan, one of the greatest mathematical geniuses of all time.