New combo treatment may be effective against melanoma

Scientists have for the first time found that a novel combination therapy is highly effective at treating melanoma patients with skin metastases.

New combo therapy effective against melanoma

 A novel combination therapy was found to be highly effective at treating patients with melanoma, known as the most serious type of skin cancer.

Why moles sometimes develop into melanoma

Scientists have identified the role of a protein in the development of typically harmless moles on our skin into the dangerous melanoma skin cancer.

Viagra doesn't cause skin cancer, but following a Viagra lifestyle might

A new research has revealed that erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, don't cause skin cancer, but following lifestyle that involves ingesting medications to prevent erectile dysfunction can be blamed.

Researchers discover novel mechanism to fight against Melanoma

A new study has provided a deeper insight into how to combat with the melanoma skin cancer.

Immunotherapy, a new treatment to fight cancer

In what could completely alter the course of cancer treatment globally, a combination of immunotherapy -- helping the body's own defences to fight cancer cells -- drugs has shown impressive results for terminally-ill melanoma patients in Britain.

Immunotherapy combo packs punch against melanoma

Immunotherapy, which harnesses the power of the immune system in order to attack cancer, is more potent against melanoma when two agents are combined, but side effects rise too, researchers said Sunday.

How Hibiscus leaf may help fight melanoma

A new study has suggested that Hibiscus leaf may help treat melanoma.

Cold sore virus can help treat skin cancer: Research

In what could be seen as a breakthrough in treating skin cancer, researchers have found out that skin cancer can be treated with a genetically-engineered version of a virus that normally causes cold sores, reports suggest.

Here's how 'sunless tanning' can lead to 'skin cancer'

A new study has revealed that artificial tanning can lead to Melanoma.

Cancer treatment breakthrough by Australian researcher

 An all-new generation of long-lasting drugs for melanoma, a type of skin cancer, may flow from a new discovery by an Australian researcher.

Drinking coffee may reduce skin cancer risk

Drinking four cups of coffee a day can have a protective effect against skin cancer according to a latest study

Coffee may protect against melanoma

Coffee drinkers may face lower risk of melanoma, as a new study has suggested that it may have a protective effect against the skin cancer.

Danni Minogue joins skin cancer campaign for Melanoma awareness

Dannie Minogue has joined Invisible Zinc to spread the word about Melanoma prevention.

'Gigapixel' camera can help spot deadly skin cancer

 A team of US researchers has developed world's first 'gigapixel' camera that can scan the entire body down to a freckle to spot a deadliest form of skin cancer early.

Now, simple blood test to tell if you have or could get cancer

A new study has found that a blood test could help determine if a person had or was at risk of developing cancer.

Airline pilots, cabin crews at double the risk of melanoma than general population

A new study has suggested airline pilots and cabin crews have a twice the risk of melanoma as compared to general population.

Hand-held device can detect deadly skin cancer

A new hand-held device that uses lasers and sound waves may change the way doctors treat and diagnose the deadly skin cancer melanoma, says new research.

Single blood test may help to detect all cancers

Scientists claim to have developed a simple blood test that can screen if a person is suffering from cancer or not.

Revolutionize yet simple blood test may help detect all cancers

Scientists have developed a new universal and easy test that might help in detecting all the cancers in the near future.