Public contest launched to name five craters on Mercury

The Education and Public Outreach (EPO) team has launched a public contest to name the five impact craters on Mercury in conjunction with the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

ESA may soon send its next mission to Mercury
ESA may soon send its next mission to Mercury

European Space Agency is currently looking at Mercury for its next mission, it has been revealed.

MESSENGER spacecraft spots recent ice deposits on Mercury
MESSENGER spacecraft spots recent ice deposits on Mercury

NASA's Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry, and Ranging (MESSENGER) spacecraft has provided the first optical images of ice and other frozen volatile materials within permanently shadowed craters near Mercury's North Pole.

Yogurt shields pregnant women against heavy metal poisoning

Yogurt containing probiotic bacteria may protect children and pregnant women against heavy metal exposure, says a study.

Some skin creams may contain toxic mercury

Some people slather and even inject creams containing mercury onto or under their skin to lighten it, putting themselves and others at risk for serious health problems, scientists say.

NASA`s Messenger to observe Mercury closely

NASA’s Messenger spacecraft which was sent to study the Mercury 10 years back, will observe the planet at lower altitudes.

Planet Mercury result of early hit-and-run collisions

Mercury and other unusually metal-rich objects in the solar system may be relics left behind by hit-and-run collisions in the early solar system, scientists say.

NASA`s Curiosity Mars rover clicks pic of Mercury passing in front of Sun

NASA`s Curiosity Mars rover has imaged the planet Mercury passing in front of the Sun, visible as a faint darkening that moves across the face of the Sun.

Marginal drop in mercury in North India

There was a marginal drop in mercury in North India on Friday as scattered showers overnight brought some relief from the searing heat.

MESSENGER completes 3,000th orbit of Mercury

MESSENGER has recently completed its 3,000th orbit of Mercury and moved closer to the planet than any spacecraft has been before, dropping to an altitude of 199 kilometers (123.7 miles) above the planet`s surface.

Ancient volcanic explosions could reveal how Mercury came to be

Researchers have discovered that the surface of Mercury is crackled with volcanic explosions for extended periods of the planet`s history.

Mercury shrunk by more than 7 kilometers in radius over past 4 billion years

Researchers have claimed that Mercury may have contracted up to 7 kilometers in radius over the past 4 billion years, much more than previous estimates suggested.

Rising mercury gives respite from cold in Rajasthan

Mercury continued to rise in Rajasthan giving respite to people from cold conditions in the desert state, specially during day hours, a MeT report said.

Traces of mercury, chromium found in cosmetics: Study

Cosmetics in India, some of which are endorsed by well known celebrities, have portions of mercury and chromium in them, reveals a recent study.

No let up in biting cold in North, temp remains below normal

There was no let up in bitter cold wave sweeping North India as mercury remained below normal in most parts of the region while two succumbed to freezing weather in Haryana`s Ambala city.

Researchers overturn assumption about mercury in Arctic

For years, researchers assumed that if mercury`s high and increasing in fish in the North American and European Arctic, the same would also stand true of fish elsewhere in the Arctic.

UN sees mercury use phase-out within 3 decades

A new global treaty could eliminate within three decades the commercial use of mercury in everything from batteries, paints and skin-lightening creams to utility plants and small-scale gold mining.

Moon, Venus, Mercury and Saturn to converge in conjunction today

Moon is going to meet with three planets in the evening sky during an upcoming celestial event on Tuesday.

Outer space phenomena visible from home in July

Amateur astronomer Aadil Desai tells us what to watch out for in between the gaps in the clouds during July.

Early bombardment history on Mercury revealed

The age of the youngest and broadest volcanic provinces visible on Mercury was determined to be about 3.6 billion to 3.8 billion years ago, just after the end of the Late Heavy Bombardment.