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East India's first cadaver liver transplant in Kolkata

Family members of a 53-year-old male patient - Samar Chakraborty - who was declared brain dead on Monday assented to the procedure to transplant the liver that is expected to bequeath a new lease of life to a 46-year-old female recipient with liver damage.

Green corridor helps transport liver 210km in 3.30 hours!

It took the ambulance a mere 3.36 hours to transport the liver from Nashik's Rishikesh Hospital to Pune's Sahyadri Hospital. 

China records rise in voluntary organ donation

The rate for organ donation per million of population reached 1.2 in 2014, a 60-fold increase from the level of 2010, the commission said.

2 green corridors created in Indore for organ transportation

Probably for first time in the country, two green corridors were created simultaneously here today for separate transport of a liver and a kidney, donated by kin of a 59-year-old man, for their transplantation in two persons.

PM highlights need for organ donations

He said few states have done well "in this regard by cutting short the paper work" while appreciating Tamil Nadu for having done "extremely well" in organ donation. 

Kerala plans outcome-registry for clearer organ transplantation

A senior health department official today said the outcome registry would be operational within one month and it is now being run on a trial basis.

Marijuana may help in organ transplant

In situations where transplanted organs may not be a perfect match, marijuana may be used to delay rejection of an incompatible organ, new research has found.

Committee for better coordination on organ transplant issues

The health ministry has decided to set up an inter-ministerial committee to resolve issues of coordination in tasks related to organ transplant.

Tamil Nadu tops in organ donation: Health Minister

Tamil Nadu leads in organ donation in the country with organs of 683 persons being harvested and donated to over 3000 beneficiaries since the setting up of the Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu in 2008, State Health Minister C Vijaya Bhaskar said today.

US policies to boost organ donations don`t work: Study

Government policies aimed at increasing the number of organ donors in the United States have fallen flat, and bolder steps are needed to fix an urgent public health crisis, researchers said Monday.

'Brain dead' man provides life to six people

A 'brain dead' man today provided a new lease of life to six persons after his organs were harvested and transplanted on them.

'Slim chance of Ebola virus passing through organ donation'

The risk of the Ebola virus passing from organ donor to recipient is extremely small, experts suggest.

Making law to encourage organ transplant a complex issue: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today said that formulating any law to encourage organ donation was a complex issue in view of the illegal rackets involved in it, especially the medical fraternity.

Designer organs come closer to reality

In a new surgical experiment, researchers had transplanted growing human intestinal 'organoids' into mice that could be useful one day for designing and producing organ parts for repairing diseased tissues using a patient's own skin cells.

Two men undergo swap kidney transplant

Two men suffering from chronic kidney disease successfully underwent a swap kidney transplant after their wives donated their kidneys to each other's husband at a hospital in Delhi.

Network for organ, tissue transplants to be expanded

The government will expand the network for procuring and distributing organs and tissues for transplant being carried out at the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said Monday.

`India emerging as liver transplant hub`

India is emerging as a global hub for liver transplant with expanded medical facilities, an expert said here Friday.

Maths to rescue patients with organ transplant

Those who hate maths should know this -- a mathematical model is here to improve the success rate of organ transplants.

Now, 3D printer to create organs at the touch of a button

Scientists have created a 3D printing device that could soon be used to make tailor-made transplant organs at the click of a button.

New approach for organ regeneration, tissue repair identified

Researchers including an Indian origin have identified an entirely new approach to enhance normal tissue growth.