Maysak weakens but thousands being evacuated in Philippines

Around 24,000 coastal residents of the Philippines were being evacuated as a precaution from approaching Tropical Storm Maysak on Saturday, officials said, even as experts downgraded the threat from what was at one point a super typhoon.

24,000 to be evacuated as typhoon closes in on Philippines

Around 24,000 people from the Philippines were being evacuated on Saturday with Typhoon Maysak a day away from potentially striking the country`s northeast coast, officials said.

Pacific islands brace for possible super typhoon

 Meteorologists warned Tuesday that a storm reported to have left several casualties in Micronesia was building into a super typhoon as it swept across the central Pacific and headed towards the Yap group of islands.

First China air force drills in `far offshore` Pacific

China`s air force has carried out its first ever military drill over the western Pacific Ocean, state media said, highlighting Beijing`s growing military reach.

Strong quakes strike off South Pacific islands: USGS

 An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 struck off Samoa in the Pacific Ocean on Monday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said, just hours after a major tremor rattled nearby Papua New Guinea.

Guards may have traded dope for sex at Australia`s Nauru camp: Inquiry

Guards at an Australian immigration processing centre on the Pacific island of Nauru may have traded marijuana for sex with asylum-seekers, an inquiry found Friday.

Mexico steps up security after tourists robbed

The Mexican Navy stepped up patrols off the Pacific coast resort of Cabo San Lucas after a group of US and European tourists camping on an island were robbed and left stranded.

Britain to create world's biggest protected marine reserve

Britain on Wednesday said it intended to create what will be the world's biggest fully-protected marine reserve, covering an area nearly the size of France and Germany put together in the Pacific Ocean.

If American "trumpet" was more certain in Asia-Pacific, it's helpful: India

India on Monday said if the American "trumpet" was more "certain" in Asia-Pacific region where the two countries have shared interest, it would be helpful.

Russia rejects US concerns over Vietnam base role in bomber flights

Russia on Friday rejected U.S. concerns about its use of a former American base in Vietnam for the refueling of Russian bomber flights around US territory in the Pacific, dismissing recent US statements as "puzzling" and "strange".

China's research vessel ends 101 day expedition in Pacific

China's most sophisticated research vessel Kexue ended its second expedition to the west Pacific on Friday and returned to the city of Qinghao in Shandong Province, ending a 101 day voyage.

Scientists question rush to build Nicaragua canal

A consortium of environmental scientists has expressed strong concern about the impact of a controversial Central American canal across Nicaragua.

La Nina-like conditions triggered 2500-yr-long Panama coral reef collapse

A new study has revealed that La Nina-like conditions in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Panama were closely associated with 2,500-year-long abrupt shutdown in coral reef growth.

Stricken plane safely parachutes into sea off Hawaii

Video from a US Coast Guard aircraft released Monday captured the drama of a single-engine airplane and its pilot splashing safely onto the Pacific Ocean thanks to a parachute built inside its fuselage.

Defending champion Marc Coma breaks 2015 Dakar duck
Defending champion Marc Coma breaks 2015 Dakar duck

Four-time Dakar motorcycling winner and defending champion Marc Coma claimed his first stage victory of the 2015 edition on Thursday, finishing the run to Antofagasta in Chile ahead of compatriot and overall leader Joan Barreda.

Dakar Rally: Vladimir Vasilyev keeps mighty Minis in charge as Carlos Sainz quits
Dakar Rally: Vladimir Vasilyev keeps mighty Minis in charge as Carlos Sainz quits

Russian driver Vladimir Vasilyev maintained defending champions Mini`s monopoly of the Dakar Rally Thursday, the manufacturer making it five stage wins in five on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Scientists predict worst 'coral bleaching' in 20 years
Scientists predict worst 'coral bleaching' in 20 years

Researchers have recently stated that Pacific may potentially record the worst coral bleaching ever set to happen in 20 years.

Watch: Video on Orion spacecraft's return to Earth
Watch: Video on Orion spacecraft's return to Earth

A video recorded during NASA's Orion return through the Earth's atmosphere provides viewers a first look of the intense conditions astronauts will endure when they return from deep space destinations on the journey to Mars.

Lives of danger, poverty on Philippines` typhoon coast

 Life is a constant throw of the dice for farmer Nilo Dilao and other residents of the Philippine island of Samar, the ground zero for many of East Asia`s deadliest storms.

Ancient earth may have fetched water from beneath
Ancient earth may have fetched water from beneath

Did our planet make its own water through geologic processes or did it come to us via icy comets from the far reaches of the solar system? The answer is likely to be both.