Tackle terrorism with 'Baby: The Game' on your phone

 Akshay Kumar's espionage action thriller “Baby” now has an official mobile phone game.

Soon, foot-powered cell phone charger for world's needy
Soon, foot-powered cell phone charger for world's needy

A team of researchers is field-testing their foot-powered cell phone charger in rural villages of the Kingdom of Lesotho, a small country surrounded entirely by South Africa.

I'm a phone addict: Pariva Pranati

Actress Pariva Pranati makes the most of her free time on the set of "Hamari Sister Didi" to be active on social media.

Now, an app to tell callers what you are up to if you don't pick up your phone
Now, an app to tell callers what you are up to if you don't pick up your phone

Status, an iOS/Android app has been designed in such a way that it automatically updates and shares information about what the users are up to with their friends.

US Senate blocks NSA phone records measure

The Senate has blocked a bill to end bulk collection of Americans' phone records by the National Security Agency, dealing a blow to President Barack Obama's primary proposal to rein in domestic surveillance.

Most US college students dependent on smartphones: Study
Most US college students dependent on smartphones: Study

Nearly 75 percent of the college students in the US are dependent on smartphones while one in five consider themselves to be "lost" without the device, says a study.

Is Facebook pushing up your phone bill?
Is Facebook pushing up your phone bill?

Have you discovered a sudden surge in your phone bill? This could well be linked to reading news feeds on the Facebook mobile app on your phone, media reports suggest.

Soon, `noPhone` that may help to cope with your mobile phone `addiction`

A new low tech `noPhone` has been designed that could help people suffering from `nomophobia,` the fear of being without their mobile devices.

`Keyboardless` keyboard in the offing

What if you can type on any surface to get rid of the pain of mobile phone typing? With the AirType project, this is a near possibility.

Ukraine leader says hew four-way talks with Putin Monday

Ukraine`s new leader said German Chancellor Vladimir Putin and French President Francois Hollande will join him in a further phone conference with Russia`s Vladimir Putin on Monday.

Ukraine phone talks between leaders last over two hours

French president Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke for "over two hours" with their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts Sunday, the Elysee said, with the latest ceasefire deadline in Ukraine looming.

BlackBerry launches Z3 smartphone in India

BlackBerry has launched their latest Z series smartphone, Z3, which will be available for pre-order starting today via selected e-commerce websites and BlackBerry stores, in New Delhi.

Soon, a watch that works as a phone

How about a watch that makes and receives calls and you just need to hold your wrist up to the mouth!

World`s first Braille phone goes on sale in UK

A London-based company claims to have put the world`s first Braille phone, which costs just 60 pounds, for sale in UK.

Pistorius` defence using witness accounts to prove Paralympian shot Reeva in `error of judgement`

The defence team of Oscar Pistorius is reportedly trying to reinforce its case that the Paralympic sprinter fatally shot his girlfriend in a tragic error of judgment by using witness accounts of a panicked Pistorius begging for help and his desperate pleas for Reeva Steenkamp to stay alive.

Health risk from wireless technology growing: Study

Health risks from mobile wireless devices like phones and tablets are growing stronger and requires immediate action, according to a new study.

England cricketers Matt Prior, Stuart Broad prevent a suicide

England cricketers Matt Prior and Stuart Broad helped rescue a man preparing to jump off a bridge near the team hotel in Sydney.

`NSA`s phone and internet spy programme helped track David Headley`

The leaders of the US have defended NSA`s phone and internet surveillance programmes, saying it has been critical in thwarting potential terrorist attacks and also to track the 2008 Mumabi attacks` convict David Headley.

NY reconnect with pay phones post-storm

In many parts of New York City in the wake of superstorm Sandy, people are waiting in lines to use a relic from the past - the pay phone.

Soon, wearable energy T-shirts could charge your phones

One day, donning a T-shirt could mean you`re also sporting a smart device charger.