Donald Trump lead grows, Hillary Clinton slips: Poll
Donald Trump lead grows, Hillary Clinton slips: Poll

Billionaire Donald Trump extended his lead yet again atop the Republican presidential field, with front-running Democrat Hillary Clinton slipping and Vice President Joe Biden faring better than her against Republicans, poll results revealed Thursday.

More than 25 pc of Brit women don't step out without make-up
More than 25 pc of Brit women don't step out without make-up

It turns out more than one in 4 women in the UK wouldn't go out without make-up, finds a new survey.

Burundi votes in boycott-hit poll, gunfire heard

Burundians voted for a new parliament on Monday after a night of sporadic blasts and gunshots, and weeks of violent protests against President Pierre Nkurunziza`s decision to seek a third term in office.

Danish election too close to call: Exit polls

Two major exit polls showed a dead heat between Denmark`s ruling left-wing and opposition right-wing blocs after polling stations closed in Thursday`s general election.

Voldemort beats Presidential candidates in popularity poll
Voldemort beats Presidential candidates in popularity poll

Apparently American citizens prefer Voldemort over the group of Republican candidates, who are in line of becoming their next President.

Malaysian ruling coalition wins by-election by lower margin

Malaysia`s ruling coalition prevailed in a parliamentary by-election but by a reduced margin, one of two votes this week viewed as tests of support for embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Americans threatened more by Islamic State than Russia, Iran: Poll

Americans see the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group as a bigger threat to the US than Iran, Russia or other countries, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

Half believe CIA interrogation methods justified: Poll


Washington: About half of Americans believe that the CIA was justified in its harsh interrogation methods of "war on terror" detainees, a poll found Monday, days after a damning US report revealed harrowing details of torture.

Will Narendra Modi be 'Time's Person of the Year'?

Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi be 'Time Person of the Year' after gaining top position in the poll.

One third of Brits believe Lady Gaga is an alien: Poll
One third of Brits believe Lady Gaga is an alien: Poll

More than two thirds of people in the UK believe aliens are out there and almost a third believe American pop star Lady Gaga is one of them.

Kate Moss crowned Britain`s` new fashion icon

Kate Moss has been voted as Britain`s new `Fashion Icon,` which is equivalent to 1960`s fashion face, Twiggy.

``Announce Afghan presidential poll result as scheduled``

Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai Saturday called upon the country`s Independent Election Commission (IEC) to announce the election result according to schedule.

Nigeria trains 167,000 policemen for 2015 poll: Official

Nigeria has trained 167,000 police officers to manage an election next year in which President Goodluck Jonathan is widely expected to seek another term, an official said on Saturday.

Afghan poll panel postpones announcing partial results

The Afghan election commission Saturday announced that it is delaying the release of the result of the presidential election runoff held June 14.

More than 160,000 people vote in Hong Kong democracy poll

More than 160,000 people took part in an unofficial Hong Kong vote on electoral reform Friday, at a time of heightened tensions as pro-democracy activists worry that Beijing will backtrack on its promise of universal suffrage.

Afghan poll panel performance illegal: Abdullah

Afghanistan presidential poll candidate Abdullah Abdullah Thursday termed the performance of the country`s Election Commission as illegal, saying its decisions will be unacceptable.

Colombia`s FARC declare poll ceasefire, take a swipe at Zuluaga

Colombia`s leftist FARC rebels declared a ceasefire on Saturday for a three-week period covering a tight presidential election race on June 15, campaigning for which has centered on how to end five decades of war with the guerrilla group.

Justin Bieber ranks 5th among `most hated men` in U.S

Justin Bieber has been ranked the fifth most hated man in the United States in a new poll.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back polled greatest film of all time

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back has been voted as the greatest film of all time by more than 250,000 film buffs in a recent poll held by Empire magazine.

Americans' confidence in big business is low: Gallup

A majority of Americans say large US companies do a poor job in helping the US economy, with 43 percent saying the companies are weak in creating jobs for Americans, Gallup found in a poll released Tuesday.