Majority of Russians believe their troops are not fighting in Ukraine: Poll

A majority of Russians believe their country`s troops are not fighting in eastern Ukraine but nearly half would be glad if it turned out they were, an opinion poll showed on Thursday. 

NATO says Russian troops in Ukraine amid fears of all-out war
NATO says Russian troops in Ukraine amid fears of all-out war

 NATO on Wednesday accused Russia of sending tanks, troops and military hardware to east Ukraine, raising fears of renewed all-out fighting and calling into question the Minsk peace deal. 

Ukraine rattled by Russia troop movements as separatists vote

Separatists in eastern Ukraine held elections Sunday as claims of "intensive" troop movements crossing the Russian border cast new doubts over a truce.

John Kerry says Russian troops withdrawing from Ukraine

US Secretary of State John Kerry Tuesday said that Russian troops were withdrawing from Ukraine, one of several key steps needed for Western sanctions to be lifted against Moscow.

Russian withdrawal from Ukraine `tiny first step`: US

The United States described as "a good, tiny first step" Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko`s announcement Wednesday that Russia had withdrawn the bulk of its forces from his country.

Russia might face new economic sanctions over Ukraine : British PM

 Russia might face more economic sanctions unless it ceases its attempts to destabilise Ukraine, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday.

Ukraine president scraps Turkey trip over `deteriorating` situation

Ukraine`s President Petro Poroshenko scrapped a visit to Turkey on Thursday and convened a top security meeting after Kiev accused Russian troops of seizing a border town in the east.

Lithuania calls for UN meeting over Russian `invasion` of Ukraine

Lithuania on Thursday accused Russia of a military "invasion" of conflict-torn Ukraine and called for a United Nations Security Council meeting over the issue.

Kiev says Russian troops have `set up HQ` in east

Ukraine said on Wednesday that a battalion of Russian soldiers had set up a base in the southeast of the country, as AFP correspondents reported an apparent retreat of government forces around the main rebel-held city of Donetsk.

Ukraine says stopped Russian `humanitarian` convoy into east

Ukraine said it warded off a Russian attempt to send troops across the border under the guise of a humanitarian mission, fuelling Western fears that Moscow is planning to invade.

US imposes tough sanctions on Russia

The US has slapped additional tough sanctions on Russia`s financial services and energy sectors for the failure of Moscow to taken enough steps to address the volatile political situation in Ukraine.

More Russian troops on Ukraine border: Pentagon

Pentagon says Russian combat troops are again building up along the border with Ukraine, and officials believe that Moscow may be sending heavy weapons into the country to aid the separatists.

US warns will not accept any use of Russian troops in Ukraine

The United States warned Friday it would not accept any use of Russian military forces in eastern Ukraine and bemoaned what it said was a build-up or Moscow`s forces on the border.

Russia to participate in SCO joint drills in China

Over 800 Russian troops will participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) joint drills, "Peace Mission-2014", in China later this year, the Russian defence ministry said Tuesday.

Most Russian troops withdrawn from Ukraine border: NATO official

Russia has withdrawn most of the some 40,000 troops it had massed on the Ukraine border and those remaining are preparing to pull out, a NATO military official said Tuesday.

Russia has withdrawn most troops from Ukraine border: US official

Russia has withdrawn most of its troops from the Ukrainian border, but seven battalions, amounting to thousands of men, remain, a US defence official said on Friday.

Hagel says Russian troop moves promising, but all need to go

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel on Thursday called the withdrawal of thousands of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border a promising sign, but said all troops positioned on the frontier earlier this year needed to be moved back.

Russia troops pulling back, but `danger` remains: Kerry

Russian troops massed on Ukraine`s borders are moving back toward Moscow, but there are still "danger signs," US Secretary of State John Kerry said late Thursday.

Russia says to complete troop pullback from Ukraine border "within days"

Russia will pull back all forces deployed to regions near its border with Ukraine "within a few days", a deputy defence minister said on Friday, a move that if carried out could ease tensions around Ukraine`s presidential election on Sunday.

Russian troop withdrawal on Ukraine border unclear: US

The United States said on Wednesday it had spotted movement of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border but said it was too soon to tell if a withdrawal promised by President Vladimir Putin was under way.