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Depression: How to deal with it naturally

Depression: How to deal with it naturally

Depression is first characterized by denial followed by anger. People do not accept that they suffer from depression; they brush it off as just a low point in their life.

Are you depressed? Ways to manage stress, anxiety!

Globally, an estimated 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression, says the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Adults above 60 more positive about feelings

The researchers found that older adults perceive emotion terms as most positive and more active than younger persons. Emotions overall may be more encouraging for older than younger persons.

We are better at detecting laughter than words

Whether they are growls of anger, the laughter of happiness or cries of sadness, humans pay more attention when an emotion is expressed through vocalisations than we do when the same emotion is expressed in speech.

Marital strain makes women sad, men angry

When a marriage has troubles, women worry, become sad. For men, it is sheer frustration and not much more.