Shutdown averted for now as Congress extends US funding

TThe US Congress passed a $1.1-trillion spending bill for fiscal year 2015 Saturday, capping a week of acrimonious wrangling while averting a government shutdown and sending the measure to President Barack Obama.

Republican wins US Senate race in Alaska

A Republican won Alaska's US Senate race a week after Election Day, further expanding the opposition party's majority.

As millions vote in US mid-term polls, Republicans look for gains in the Senate
As millions vote in US mid-term polls, Republicans look for gains in the Senate

Washington: Voters in the United States took to the polls on Tuesday, casting ballots in midterm elections that could return control of the Senate to Republicans, complicating President Barack Obama`s last two years in office.

Democrats brace for defeat in US mid-term elections

Americans vote Tuesday in legislative elections expected to inflict a stinging defeat on President Barack Obama, with Republicans poised to wrest control of the Senate from his Democrats.

Mississippi Republicans battle in US Senate runoff

Mississippi incumbent Thad Cochran was fighting for his political life in a Republican runoff for his US Senate seat Tuesday, seeking to repulse a surging conservative challenger bucking the party establishment.

US Senate passes Intelligence Authorization Bill

The US Senate has passed a bill which among other things requires declassification review of the documents collected in the covert raid that killed al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in May 2011.

Thai Senate fails to break deadlock over PM

A Thai Senate session has failed to come up with electing an interim prime minister, dashing hopes of the People`s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) that a neutral premier would be appointed by their deadline of Friday, a media report said Saturday.

Pak Senate adopts resolution binding PM to attend its session

Pakistan`s Senate has passed a resolution making it mandatory for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to attend its session at least once a week after he failed to turn up since assuming the position last year.

Pakistani MPs upset over FO spokesperson`s remarks

Pakistani opposition lawmakers moved privilege motion in Senate against Foreign Office spokesperson for "insulting and browbeating" parliamentarians while defending the country`s policy on Syria.

Italy Senate to vote on Berlusconi expulsion November 27

Italy`s Senate on Tuesday announced it will vote on November 27 on whether to strip former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi of his seat under a law banning convicted criminals from Parliament.

US careens toward shutdown; Senate to meet on bill

A conservative challenge to President Barack Obama`s cherished health care law pushed the federal government to the brink of a partial shutdown on Monday, with the Senate expected to convene just hours before a deadline to pass a temporary funding bill.

Silvio Berlusconi vows to `back Italian govt for now`

Silvio Berlusconi is pledging to keep his centre-right forces in Italian Premier Enrico Letta`s governing coalition while fighting a tax fraud conviction.

Ahmed cleared for Ashes after successful Oz citizenship vote

a ray of hope to Australia`s Ashes prospects, leg-spinner Fawad Ahmed has reportedly cleared the final hurdle to be eligible for the looming series in England after legislation that allows him to be granted a passport successfully passed through the Senate.

Assange to run for Victorian Senate seat

Assange, currently hold up in Ecuador embassy in London, will stand for the Senate in Victoria for the September federal poll.

Ben Affleck may not run for US senate

Ben Affleck, whose name cropped up as a possible contender to fill the seat to be vacated by Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s appointment as secretary of state, may not be running for office after all.

Ashley Judd running for Senate in Kentucky?

Actress Ashley Judd has not ruled out the speculation that she is touted as a top contender to face Senate Mitch McConnell in the 2014 election in Kentucky, insisting she is honoured to be mentioned as a potential candidate.

Democrats retain US Senate, Republicans House

Democrats will retain control over the US Senate, after winning in closely-watched races in Massachusetts, Indiana and Virginia.

Senate rejects GOP environment, energy proposals

The Senate rejects Republican-backed attempts to overturn several of President Barack Obama`s environmental and energy policies on Thursday.

Senate heads for showdown over contraceptives

The Obama policy requires almost all employers who provide health insurance to provide coverage for women`s contraceptives without copays or deductibles.

Bigger US role against companies` cyberthreats?

A new Senate proposal would give the government more power to regulate the computer security of critical industries.