Sri Lanka top judge laments state media`s slander campaign

Lawyers of Sri Lanka`s top judge Shirani Bandaranayake Wednesday accused the government of running "an organized series of programmes".

Chinese state media goes for makeover to outwit social media

Under pressure from the burgeoning social media, state media in China says it will go for a makeover.

US hits Syrian state media with sanctions

The US slapped economic sanctions
on Monday on Syrian state broadcast media, saying they aid to put down the

Cuban airliner crashes, 68 people aboard

A Cuban airliner flying from the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba to the capital has crashed with 68 people aboard, including 28 foreigners, state media reported.

Myanmar pro-junta party makes democracy pledge: State Media

Myanmar`s main pro-junta party
running in the country`s first elections in two decades has
pledged to practise multi-party democracy and market-oriented
economics, state media reported on Saturday.

Market bomb defused in Myanmar: State Media

Myanmar authorities defused a bomb
planted near a Yangon market, state media said.

North Korea floods destroy bridges, railways: State Media

Floods caused by torrential rain have
washed away homes, roads, railways and farmland in N Korea.

Myanmar state media blames rebels for fatal mine blast

Myanmar`s junta-run state media on Saturday blamed ethnic insurgents for an explosion that killed two people and wounded another 11 when their bus hit a mine in
the country`s east.

Myanmar junta appoints election commission: State media

Myanmar`s military junta has
appointed the country`s new election commission ahead of this
year`s polls, just days after announcing electoral laws, state
media said on Thursday.

19 killed in China starch plant blast: State media

Nineteen people are dead and nearly
50 workers injured after a large explosion at a starch
production plant in northern China, state media said on Thursday.

Dalai Lama has no right to speak for Tibet: State media

A day after slamming President
Barack Obama for engaging with the Dalai Lama, China`s
official media on Saturday questioned the monk`s credentials to
represent Tibet.

China could lead anti-piracy mission in Somalia: State media

China is in discussions to lead
anti-piracy patrols off the coast of Somalia, state media
reported on Friday, in a sign of increased involvement in
international military cooperation.

21 dead in covered-up China gas leak: State media

The death toll from a gas leak at a steel plant in north China has risen to 21, after executives admitted they had covered up the true scale of the accident, state media said Friday.

China executes seven mafia bosses: State media

Seven mafia bosses were executed in
north China on Thursday for crimes including murder, extortion and
arms trafficking, state media said, calling it the biggest
local organised crime case in 60 years.

China to launch second lunar probe next year: State media

China will launch its second moon
orbiter next October, state media reported today, as it powers
ahead with a space programme that has sparked concerns abroad.

26 dead in China mine accident: State media

26 workers were killed today in an accident at a tin mine in central China`s Hunan Province, state media reported.

China hydropower to near double by 2020: State media

China`s hydropower capacity is expected to nearly double to 300,000 megawatts by 2020, state media said.

Pandas relocated during quake to return by 2012: State media

60 pandas, relocated from their base in SW China`s Sichuan Province, after last year`s devastating earthquake destroyed their home are set to return in 2012.

Myanmar state media accuses Clinton of ASEAN interference

Myanmar`s state media on Sunday accused
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of interfering with the
internal affairs of Southeast Asia and said America`s troops
in Asia threatened world security.

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