Syrian rebels kill 20 troops in tunnel blast

Syrian rebels blew up a tunnel packed with explosives in the northern city of Aleppo killing at least 20 pro-government fighters, activists and rebels has said.

Syrian forces take control of road needed to remove chemical weapons

Syrian Army has taken full control of a highway connecting Damascus to the coast which is needed to ship out chemical weapons from the country for destruction.

Syrian Army fights for road needed to remove chemical weapons

Syrian forces went on the offensive on Saturday against rebels positioned along a major highway linking the capital with the coast, rebels said, a strategic road that is likely to be used to extract chemical weapons from the country.

Turkish cameraman set free by captors in Syria

A Turkish cameraman captured by Syrian forces while covering fighting in the city of Aleppo in August has been released and would return to Turkey.

Syrian troops raid Damascus, at least 31 killed

Government forces stormed a rebel-held town outside Damascus after days of fierce fighting, killing dozens of people including at least 31 fighters.

Syrian forces storm rebel-held Aleppo

Syrian government troops have stormed the rebel-held city of Aleppo using tanks and armoured vehicles.

Dozens of Syrian army men defect to Turkey

Eighty-five Syrian soldiers, including an artillery general and 14 lower-ranked officers, have defected and fled to Turkey.

Turkey threatens military retaliation against Syria

Turkey warned of possible military retaliation if Syrian forces approach near its southern border.

Syrian forces occupy Homs district after shelling

Troops and militiamen loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad moved into a residential district of Homs.

Syrian protesters seek foreign help amid crackdown

Thousands of Syrian protesters appealed for international help in the face of a bloody government crackdown.

Syrian forces fire heavy machineguns in Homs

The United States imposed an oil embargo on Syria on Thursday in protest against Assad`s crackdown.

Syrian forces kill 15 as US imposes sanctions

At least 1,700 civilians have been killed since uprising against Syrian Prez`s rule began in March.

‘Syrian forces occupy central Hama square’

The plight of Hama has prompted many Syrians to stage solidarity marches since the start of Ramadan.

Syrian forces sweep into city of Hama

Assad`s regime swept through several cities and towns to crush a pro-democracy uprising.

Syrian forces take mountainous province; 11 killed

Syrian Army forces spread through a mountainous area near the Turkish border.

Syria troops` fierce attack on Rastan

Security forces backed by tanks have laid siege to Rastan, a town of 60,000.

UN, West condemn Syria after 75 killed in protests

The deaths signalled no let-up from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Syrian forces fire to disperse Deraa protest

At least 61 people have been killed in 10 days of anti-government protests .