Indian students major contributors to US economy: Report

Washington: Foreign students from India, China and South Korea are the major contributors to the US economy with the host country earning USD 21.8 billion in tuition fees and USD 12.8 billion in living costs from them.

White House calls for urgent climate change action

The White House called today for urgent action to combat climate change, as it released a study on the impact of global warming across the United States and key sectors of the US economy.

This can be a breakthrough year for America: Barack Obama

In his sixth State of the Union address, US President Barack Obama on Tuesday said that "this can be a breakthrough year for America”.

Obama says wants to maximise pace of recovery

With signs of improvement in the economy, US President Barack Obama on Tuesday said he wants to maximise the pace of recovery to ensure every American benefits from it.

US in a good position to compete around the world: Obama

Asserting that the American economy is back on track with the creation of 7.8 million jobs in the last 44 months, and reduction in its dependence on foreign oil, US President Barack Obama has said United States is in a good position to compete around the world in the 21st century.

Obama says his administration stabilised American economy

US President Barack Obama has said that his administration has stabilised the country`s economy, which is growing again and producing jobs.

Flood of `fertile immigrants` needed to boost US economy, said Jeb Bush

American politician and former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush has said that US immigration needs reform so that `more fertile` immigrants can help offset US population decline and boost the economy.

Mitt Romney vows to restore US economy

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney vowed to restore US economy, accusing incumbent Barack Obama of worsening the country`s financial woes.

US economy springs up during Obama-Romney foreign policy debate

Economic and domestic issues appeared time and again during the third and final presidential debate on Monday.

US economy needs `more medicine`: Obama aide

A top advisor to President
Barack Obama has said that the fragile US economy needed "more
medicine," stepping up a campaign for the extension of payroll
tax cuts by a fractious Congress.

Wall Street sit-in protest goes global

New Zealand and Australia got the ball rolling while most of traditionally reserved Asia was quiet.

US economy, London riots on Afghan war: Taliban

The insurgents claimed both situations were linked to the US and Britain spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the 10-year Afghan war.

US losing competitive edge to India: Obama

US Presidend Obama says the United States have created new energy technologies and high-skilled jobs "not in America, but in countries like China, India and Germany".

US alone can’t pull global economic growth: Obama

America cannot be the only engine of global economic growth, US President Barack Obama said Wednesday and added that world countries need to develop another model of growth in which their economy do not rely on export to the US.

US economy grew 3.3 percent in first quarter

The US economy expanded 3.3 percent in the first quarter this year, less than 5.6 registered in the previous quarter.

Four US banks bite the dust in `10; three fail in one day

Three American banks closed businesses last week even as the US economy is slowly showing signs of revival.

‘Citi `09 bonuses similar to 08 levels’

Citigroup Inc could pay commercial and investment banking bonuses for 2009 that are similar to 2008 levels, and may cap individual cash payouts at about $60,000, according to people that have been briefed on the plan.

We want our money back: Obama to Wall Street

As the Wall Street companies have begun generating profits, US President Barack Obama on Thursday said that America now wants its money back which was spent to rescue these firms.

We want our money back: Obama to Wall St

US Prez Barack Obama proposed a tax on Wall Street`s biggest banks to recover more than 100 bn dollars.

November trade deficit of US increases to $36.4 billion

The US trade deficit jumped to the highest level in 10 months as an improving U.S. economy pushed up demand for imports.