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Twinkle Khanna reveals her healthy alternatives!

Twinkle Khanna reveals her healthy alternatives!

Twinkle Khanna on Tuesday stressed the importance of healthy eating habits, citing her own lifestyle as an example.

Five ways to lead a healthy life!

Leading a healthy lifestyle and staying fit both plays an important role in our lives.

Physical activities help to reduce harmful alcohol affects

Physical activities help to reduce harmful alcohol affects

 Exercising at basic physical activity levels -- 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity like walking and cycling -- may help to reduce harmful effects of drinking alcohol, a study has found.

Five scientifically-proven ways to live longer!

Making few changes in your lifetyle can help you live longer and healthier. Here are a few tricks that'll add years to your life.

Five ways for a stress-free, happy life!

But, happiness is a choice. It depends on how well we can control over our emotional well-being, no matter what happens.  

Regular exercise keeps brain active, reduces risk of dementia!

One should always indulge in physical activities as it will help them stay fit, energetic and also lead a healthy lifestyle.

7 hot tips to stay fit and healthy!

The secrets to living a long and healthy life include making wise lifestyle choices such as good sleep, regular exercise, eating right and choosing nutrient-rich foods.

Maintain healthy lifestyle to live cancer-free

About 20-40 percent of cancer cases could potentially be prevented through modifications to adopt a healthy lifestyle, the study found.

These are the worst times of day for being sedentary!

Nowadays, however, many people are becoming increasingly conscious about their bodies and many can also be seen wearing fitness trackers on their wrists.

Vegetarians lead healthier life as compared to meat-eaters: JP Nadda

A vegetarian diet helps prevent health problems like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and renal diseases, the statement said.

Healthy lifestyle may trim heart risks in diabetics

In some cases, it also enables patients to reduce medication.


Cancer: Simple ways to reduce your risk

Leading a healthy lifestyle can help lower your risk of cancer.

Worried about broken sleep? Know why you wake up at night - Watch video

Worried about broken sleep? Know why you wake up at night - Watch video

Is it really natural to sleep for 8 hours continuously?

Here’s why you should not sit too much during the day

Here’s why you should not sit too much during the day

According to findings, a person who sleeps too much, sits too much and is not physically active enough.

Bilingualism eases stroke recovery

A team of researchers has discovered that bilinguals are twice as likely to recover from a stroke compared to their unilingual counterparts.

Know why apple is good for health!

Apples are not only good for health but it is easily available to us through out the season as well.

Improve your work habits; know what you're doing wrong!

It’s not only the long working hours that drain all your energy, but a number of workplace habits could be accountable for taking a toll on your health.  

Sitting job: Why it's dangerous and how you can reduce the risk

Deepak Rawat, National Fitness Manager, Fitness First India, shared some excellent tips to stay healthy while being at a desk job.  

Know why laughter is the best medicine!

Irengbam Jenny

Laughing is the key component to stay happy and lead a healthy lifestyle. So, one should laugh alot to stay healthy. Going by an old saying which says that laughter is the best medicine, it is also the best form of exercise which can be done easily.