Pussy Riot came to Sochi looking for trouble: Russia Deputy PM

The high profile members of punk group Pussy Riot came to Olympics host Sochi this week looking for trouble, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said Saturday after the women were filmed being beaten with a horsewhip.

Pussy Riot members say arrested in central Sochi

The two members of Russian punk group Pussy Riot who were released from prison colonies late last year said they had both been arrested Tuesday in downtown Sochi during the Olympic Games.

Sochi activist launches hunger strike to protest jail term

A leading Russian activist who was jailed after criticising the environmental impact of the Olympic Games in Sochi has gone on hunger strike, his organisation said Monday.

Transgender ex-member of Italy Assembly held in Sochi

A transgender former member of Italy`s Parliament said on Monday she had been detained by Russian police for about three hours for trying to stage a gay rights protest at the Winter Olympics.

Ban lead shot in Olympics to save wildlife, water: Study

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) must ban the use of lead shot used in the biathlon shooting events to prevent wildlife poisoning and health threats to surface and groundwater, says a paper.

US, European security officials worry about Sochi-related attacks

Intelligence agencies believe attacks by militants during the Sochi Winter Olympics are highly likely, but will probably be aimed at "softer" targets elsewhere in Russia.

Pussy Riot to appear at star-studded Amnesty concert in New York

The Russian punk band Pussy Riot will join Madonna, R&B singer Lauryn Hill and alternative rock group Imagine Dragons at an all-star concert for Amnesty international on Wednesday night, on the eve the Winter Olympics opening in Sochi, Russia.

Amnesty Brazil blasts Russian "homophobia"

Brazil`s branch of Amnesty International on Sunday held a rally in Rio to protest what it termed Russia`s "homophobia".

Suicide bomber called biggest Sochi Olympics risk

While Sochi`s Olympic venues are now among the most tightly guarded facilities in the world, the rest of this sprawling Black Sea resort looks more vulnerable.

US-Russia tensions flare over Winter Olympics security

Analysts say the former Cold War rivals are unlikely to risk a full-blown confrontation over security in Sochi, the first Olympics held on Russian soil since the US-boycotted 1980 Moscow Games.

Global warming to derail winter Olympics by century end?

By the end of this century, only six of the previous winter Olympics host cities - including Sochi in Russia - would be cold enough to reliably host the games owing to global warming threats.

US ready to support Russia for Sochi Olympics security

The US said its military stands ready to offer full support to Russia in its security preparations for the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics.

Olympics: Japan urged to demonstrate `energy` in Sochi

Japan`s Winter Olympic delegation was urged Monday to demonstrate the country`s "energy" as they readied to leave for the Games in Sochi.

Olympic workers fall from roof while clearing snow

Six workers have fallen off a roof at the bobsled centre for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi when the snow they were clearing slid to the ground.

Finnish minister to boycott Sochi opening ceremony

Finland`s sports and culture minister will boycott the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi next month due to concerns over Russia`s human rights violations.

US offers security assistance to Russia for Winter Olympics

The US has offered security assistance to Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, in view of the two bombings in the country just before New Year.

Volgograd suicide attacks: Vladimir Putin says will fiercely fight terrorists

Just weeks before the crucial Sochi Games are to begin, Russia was stunned by two suicide attacks that killed a total of 31 people within a span of 48 hours, triggering a high alert in the country.

Russia unveils world`s first `underwater machine gun` ahead of Winter Olympics

Russian military has reportedly unveiled the world`s first underwater machine gun ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi.

Vancouver Games says broke even in end

Organizers of the Vancouver Winter Olympics said on Friday the Games ended without any debt, despite headwinds from the global recession as the western Canadian city geared up for the big event.

Luge death ruled accidental, but safety eyed

The death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili on the eve of the Vancouver Winter Olympics was accidental, but the incident raises safety issues for the sport, a Canadian coroner reported on Monday.