Wall between US, Canada `legitimate` idea: White House hopeful

 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is seeking the Republican nomination for the White House, said Sunday that building a wall between the US and Canada was a "legitimate" idea to explore.

The very busy Day One of Republican White House hopefuls

The Iran deal, emission regulations and immigration orders frame Barack Obama`s legacy -- and they would all be toast on day one of a Republican presidency, vow conservative White House candidates.

Two men en route to Wisconsin air show killed in plane crash

Two men on their way to a Wisconsin air show died after their small plane crashed about 40 miles south of Milwaukee, authorities said.

US Prez elections: Scott Walker to enter Republican race, needs to show appeal beyond Iowa
US Prez elections: Scott Walker to enter Republican race, needs to show appeal beyond Iowa

Scott Walker jumps into the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination on Monday, needing to prove he has learned from early missteps and can appeal to voters beyond the conservatives who dominate the first nominating contest in Iowa.

Man charged with threatening to kill President Obama

A 55-year-old man who claimed that it was a "Constitutional duty" to kill Barack Obama has been charged with threatening to kill the US President whom he termed as the "usurper".

'Dead' man walking? US man wakes up on way to the mortuary

A man in the Milwaukee city of US, who was pronounced dead after collapsing, began to move his limbs and breathe just before he was about to be transported to the morgue.

Protests in Winsconsin after prosecutor ruling on teen shooting

 Hundreds of people protested Wednesday in Wisconsin`s capital, blocking a road a day after a prosecutor ruled that a Madison police officer`s fatal shooting of an unarmed biracial teenager was justified.

Policeman who shot dead black teen in Wisconsin not charged

A white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed 19-year-old African-American youth in Wisconsin used justifiable force and will not face criminal charges, authorities said Tuesday.

US Sikh bodies honour Attorney Gen for services to community

US Attorney General Eric Holder has been honoured by the Sikh community in America for his "exemplary service" to them during the "challenging times", especially after the 2012 attack on a Gurdwara in Wisconsin.

Watergate historian Kutler dies; sued to release Nixon tapes

Watergate historian Stanley Kutler, who successfully fought for the release of President Richard Nixon's secret tapes, died in Wisconsin. He was 80.

Wisconsin state trooper shot and killed: Police

A Wisconsin state trooper was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire with a person who matched the description of a bank robbery suspect, authorities said.

US students protest police shooting of African American boy

Hundreds of students marched through the streets of Madison in the US state of Wisconsin to protest the killing of Tony Robinson, a young unarmed African American, by a policeman last Friday.

Obama rips Wisconsin anti-union law

Taking aim at a potential Republican presidential contender, President Barack Obama slammed Wisconsin`s union-busting Governor Scott Walker on Monday for eroding American workers` bargaining rights. 

Police killing of black teenager sparks protest in US

A 19-year-old unarmed African American was killed by a police officer in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday evening, sparking protests.

Police officer shoots, kills black teen in Wisconsin

A police officer shot and killed a 19-year-old black youth who allegedly assaulted him in Madison, Wisconsin, the city's police chief said today.

Former ''Saved by the Bell'' actor Dustin Diamond arrested in Wisconsin

Former "Saved by the Bell" actor Dustin Diamond, who played the nerdy "Screech" on the high school sitcom, has been arrested for stabbing a man with a switchblade at a bar north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, police said on Friday. 

SC ruling gives big boost to gay marriages in US

The United States Supreme Court has rejected appeals against gay marriages in five states including, Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia and Wisconsin.

US Supreme Court declines to take up gay marriage cases

The US Supreme Court declined on Monday to hear gay marriage cases from five states, opening the door to more same-sex weddings while putting off a nationwide decision on the hot-button issue.

US court rejects gay-marriage bans as 'implausible'

A US appeals court judge known for his outspoken views described arguments by Wisconsin and Indiana defending bans on gay marriage as "totally implausible" on Thursday, in a ruling in favor of same-sex couples.

US girl, 12, not competent for trial in stabbing

One of two 12-year-old girls charged as an adult with stabbing a classmate to please a fictional online horror character is mentally incompetent and cannot stand trial, a judge said.