5 easy ways to keep your smartphone secure from cyber attacks

Smart phone security has now become a top priority across the world.

5 easy ways to keep your smartphone secure from cyber attacks

New Delhi: At a time when we spend most of our day using our smartphones, it's extremely essential to keep a check on our smartphone's security.

Here are 5 easy ways through which you can keep your phone safe from cyber attacks:

Always set a strong password for your phone so that even if it's stolen, the data cannot be misused. It will help in preventing security hack.

Be extra cautious while downloading an app. Make sure it's a legit one. It's the major source of cyber attack, as many apps from untrusted sources contain malware that once installed – can steal information, install viruses, and cause harm to your phone.

Never forget to keep a backup of all the data you have stored in your phone. The easiest way to do so is by storing it on your computer, on a removal storage card, or in the Cloud.

Before you plan to sell your old phone, to protect your privacy, never forget to erase data off of your phone and reset the phone to its initial factory settings.

It is always advised to install malware protection, especially if you make any kind of financial transactions through your smartphone. Security software will detect and remove viruses, especially when you connect your phone with public computers.

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