Chinese Communist party

Hong Kong's Carrie Lam in Beijing to report on 'patriots only' Legislative elections

Leading figures in the pro-democracy opposition have been intimidated into silence, jailed or forced into exile. Just 20 of the seats were directly elected while 40 were filled by members of a Beijing-appointed committee that selects the territory's chief executive.

Dec 22, 2021, 13:21 PM IST

Why Xi Jinping is the most powerful leader of China- In pics

Leaders of China’s Communist Party confirmed Chinese President Xi Jinping's place as the most important figure in the party since Mao Zedong by passing a resolution this week.

Nov 12, 2021, 16:18 PM IST

Democratic world must group together to fight against China's overt, covert operations: Experts

A report on the Communist Party of China's covert and overt influence operations in cultivating, funding, and sponsoring institutions, including the media and individual opinion-makers, has revealed shocking facts about China's growing influence in India. 

Sep 06, 2021, 17:28 PM IST

Chinese astronauts complete first spacewalk, check details

The Chinese mission comes as the ruling Communist Party celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding.

Jul 04, 2021, 12:46 PM IST

China celebrates 100 years of ruling Communist Party- In Pics

In a televised address from Tiananmen square, Chinese President Xi Jinping marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of China`s ruling Communist Party.

Jul 01, 2021, 12:34 PM IST

China celebrates 100th founding anniversary of Communist Party at Tiananmen Square

 In a televised address from Tiananmen Square, President Xi Jinping said China had achieved its centenary goal of building "a moderately prosperous society" as celebrations in Beijing kicked off on Thursday morning to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of China`s ruling Communist Party.

Jul 01, 2021, 08:01 AM IST

China deletes over 2 million posts on 'historical nihilism' ahead of CCP's 100th anniversary

Cybersecurity Administration of China deleted more than 2 million posts referring to those as harmful information and discussion about history.

May 13, 2021, 10:47 AM IST

Chinese women workforce: Serving decorative purposes of CCP

While female health workers and countless low-level female officials combated the virus, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) saw this as a great opportunity for publicity and used their selfless sacrifice to attain their selfish objectives of bolstering their twister narratives and gaining sympathy from the international community.

Feb 24, 2021, 01:13 AM IST

Once a Buddhist nation, now China is involved in oppressing the Buddhists

China's religious diplomacy involves pervasive control of the CCP over every aspect of religion, from regular worship to conducting charity services, appointment and training of religious leaders to set several conditions on their activities. As per CCP ideology, Beijing has always pursued the idea of ‘national unity’ based on Confucian values.

Feb 12, 2021, 21:51 PM IST

Turkey forsaking Uighur Muslims for Chinese COVID-19 vaccine; see details

The COVID-19 vaccine production is still limited and for now, only a few countries have been able to access it. Given the severity of the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is understandable that countries are eager to get their hands on a potential vaccine. China is actively trying to exploit this desperation of the developing countries. Its latest prey in this regard seems to be Turkey.

Jan 24, 2021, 23:31 PM IST

How anti-China movement launched by late Zambian President Michael Sata is influencing Zambian elections

Since his first presidential run-up in 2006, ex-President Michael Sata attacked China for disturbing and disordering the Zambian society by paying 'slave wages', defying safety norms for workers, degrading environment, and corrupting its leaders, besides creating a barrage of distress. He also argued that China is not only corrupting the Zambian leaders, but leaders across Africa. 

Jan 23, 2021, 13:44 PM IST

China stoops to new low, country's tech companies developing racist software and devices

Xi Jinping believes that this goal can be achieved only if the identities of Chinese citizens have been consolidated into ‘one national identity'.

Jan 17, 2021, 23:57 PM IST

China uses national security as excuse to violate basic human rights, arrests over 50 in Hong Kong

This latest arrest of more than 50 pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong has signalled the death of the ‘one country two systems’.

Jan 09, 2021, 00:16 AM IST

China, world's worst abuser of internet freedom, pushes censorship and surveillance to unprecedented levels

The world is finally waking up to China's ambitious plans and crooked method used to gain prominence in the world order.

Jan 07, 2021, 00:18 AM IST

United Front Work Department of CCP is top coordination body to carry out subversive operations across world

The report, funded by 'The Netherlands' Ministry of Foreign Affairs, highlights the activities carried out by the United Front of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the nexus of organisations created by it across the world.

Jan 01, 2021, 15:41 PM IST

Why China is afraid of hardliner Tibetan Leader Dolma Gyari?

Ahead of Central Tibetan Administration election, candidates are intensifying their poll campaigns to represent one of the largest communities in exile.

Dec 21, 2020, 22:00 PM IST

China’s turbocharged repression of Uighur Muslims; here's how Xi Jinping govt has reached a new low

China for years has curtailed the fundamental human rights, especially the freedom of religion of these ethnic minorities.

Dec 17, 2020, 15:58 PM IST

China uses brutality and ruthlessness to retain power; how Xi Jinping-led Chinese Communist Party is governing nation

The double standards of the Xi Jinping's Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have been exposed.

Dec 09, 2020, 22:02 PM IST

How Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping has fallen; details on China's brutal moves to retain power

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has refused to evolve and reform itself for fear of losing its grip over the power.

Dec 08, 2020, 20:24 PM IST

China plans global expansionism through Health Silk Road amid COVID-19 pandemic

China now plans to control the healthcare sector in the BRI region through its comprehensive plan of using Chinese medical technologies, AI, medical equipment, health stacks, data centers, etc. 

Nov 30, 2020, 16:17 PM IST