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Google Doodle celebrates Mother's Day 2020, brings option of crafting virtual card

As this Sunday marks a special day when people give that extra appreciation to their mother for their selfless love and care, Google Doodle also joined hands in being a part of the same and dedicated its Doodle on Mother's Day 2020. 

May 10, 2020, 07:55 AM IST

Google Doodle brings back its 2010 game Pac-man to cure boredom

Google is running its 'Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Doodles' initiative for people across the globe.

May 08, 2020, 09:59 AM IST

Google Doodle relaunches popular Halloween game 'Magic Cat Academy' under its 'Stay and Play at Home' initiative

Amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic offices, schools and colleges have been shutdown forcing millions of people to sit indoors, at this time Google Doodle has come up with google games under its "Stay and Play at Home" initiative.

May 06, 2020, 08:46 AM IST

Stay and Play at Home as today's Google Doodle lets you compose music

As the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak across the world has forced the people to remain indoors in order to curb the spread of the deadly virus, people are trying new ways to spend time on the internet. Internet search giant Google has come up with novel way to help the people staying at home to spend their time by allowing hem play a popular game from the past on Doodle every day.

Apr 29, 2020, 09:19 AM IST

Stay home and create your own music: Google Doodle celebrates filmmaker and visual artist Oskar Fischinger

“Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles: Fischinger (2017),” read the text. This Doodle was first rolled out on June 22, 2017, on  Fischinger’s 117th birth anniversary to honour him and his work.

Apr 29, 2020, 09:10 AM IST

Google Doodle game series celebrates the ICC Champions Trophy

Google Doodle launched a new series on April 27 with which they are urging people to stay and play at home by sharing throwback interactive games. The latest one that Google shared was their interactive doodle from 2017 celebrating the ICC Champions Trophy.

Apr 28, 2020, 12:42 PM IST

Stay and Play at Home: Here's the list of most popular Google doodle games

 'Coding' from 2017 was the first game released by Google in the new doodle game series which features a bunny and to win the game, the player has to get the bunny to collect all carrots.

Apr 27, 2020, 14:16 PM IST

Stay and play at home: Google doodle launches game series amid COVID-19 lockdown

Google on Monday (April 27, 2020) asked people to 'Stay and Play at Home' by launching its new Doodle series which is a throwback to some of its popular interactive Google Doodle games. By launching the new game series during lockdown Google is celebrating 50 years of Kids Coding

Apr 27, 2020, 09:50 AM IST

Earth Day 2020 Google Doodle celebrates with interactive game on bees

Google is celebrating 'Earth Day' on Wednesday (April 22, 2020) with an interactive doodle to spread knowledge and share fun facts about planet earth.

Apr 22, 2020, 09:06 AM IST

Google doodle honours teachers and childcare workers amid coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Google has paid tribute to teachers and childcare workers guiding students under tough conditions amid coronavirus outbreak with a doodle on Friday (April 17, 2020). The doodle is a part of the Thank You Coronavirus Helpers series introduced to celebrate professionals involved in providing essential services to people in these difficult times.

Apr 17, 2020, 09:53 AM IST

Coronavirus: After medical professionals, Google says thank you to all packaging, shipping and delivery workers with its doodle

Earlier this week, the doodle was dedicated to all medical professionals for their efforts in the fight against coronavirus and today, Google has thanked the delivery workers for their services.

Apr 15, 2020, 07:54 AM IST

Amid coronavirus outbreak, Google Doodle thanks doctors, nurses and medical workers

“To all doctors, nurses and medical workers, thank you,” the doodle says. 

Apr 13, 2020, 09:35 AM IST

Stay home, save lives: Google Doodle urges people amid coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

The Google Doodle on Friday gave the message of staying home and saving lives amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic that has infected more than 10 lakh people has claimed the lives of over 53,000 people, worldwide. 

Apr 03, 2020, 08:24 AM IST

Google Doodle honours doctor Ignaz Semmelweis, ‘the father of handwashing’ amid COVID-19 pandemic

Born in Budapest on July 1, 1818,  Dr Ignaz Semmelweis is known as the 'father of infection control' as he was the one to introduce hand disinfection standards in obstetrical care.

Mar 20, 2020, 11:42 AM IST

Google celebrates spring 2020 with a doodle - Check out!

On this day , the equinox , the earth’s axis is perpendicular to the sun. In other words, the center of the visible sun is directly above the equator, making the hours of day and night of equal length – 12 hours.

Mar 19, 2020, 07:31 AM IST

Google Doodle marks International Women's Day with special animated video

The multilayered 3D paper mandala animation, illustrated by New York and London-based guest artists Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft from Makerie Studio and animated by Zurich-based guest animators Marion Willam & Daphne Abderhalden from DRASTIK GmbH, represents the history of Women's Day and its importance for women of different generations.

Mar 08, 2020, 08:05 AM IST

Google Doodle celebrates Leap Day 2020 with jumping logo

Google Doodle is celebrating Leap Day 2020 (February 29) with a jumping logo. This is further illustrated with Google Doodle's home page saying, "We HOP you have a good one—Happy Leap Day!."

Feb 29, 2020, 08:11 AM IST

Google Doodle celebrates Alice in Wonderland illustrator John Tenniel's 200th birthday

Google Doodle honoured the British illustrator and artist, Sir John Tenniel, on his 200th birthday on Friday (February 28, 2020). Tenniel is one of the most highly-regarded Victorian illustrators and painters, and best remembered for bringing to life the characters of Lewis Carroll’s timeless ‘Alice in Wonderland’ series.

Feb 28, 2020, 09:43 AM IST

71st Republic Day: Google celebrates with special doodle

On this day in 1950, India solidified its sovereignty by putting into effect the Constitution of India, that took nearly three years of careful deliberation to finalise.

Jan 26, 2020, 09:49 AM IST

Google Doodle celebrates 101st birth anniversary of noted Urdu poet and writer-lyricist Kaifi Azmi

Azmi's first poems collection, Jhankar, was published in 1943 and they are known for their brilliant imagery.

Jan 14, 2020, 08:09 AM IST