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Health care

Yoga has no religion, hope it can become a binding force for world: Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister said in just three years the International Yoga Day has grown into a worldwide public movement and become an integral part of public life in many countries.

Jun 22, 2018, 10:05 AM IST

Paying premium to insurance companies is not universal health care

The budget placed by the Finance Minister has only shown that the government has practically run out of ideas.

Feb 02, 2018, 13:16 PM IST

Depend upon smartphone apps to track physical activity? They may be inaccurate

According to the study, people who use the apps to track their physical activity are probably more active than the apps show.

Dec 07, 2017, 19:28 PM IST

Stock up home with basic healthcare devices

Be it a digital or a mercury thermometer, make sure you keep one at home and check your body temperature before you step out to visit a doctor.

Nov 23, 2017, 19:03 PM IST

Do you use decorated glassware? Here's why they are a health hazard

The paint used on the glass can contain potentially toxic levels of lead and cadmium, increasing health risks.

Nov 06, 2017, 18:15 PM IST

Using the internet for self-diagnosis? Here's how it's harming your health

Firstly, the internet is a mixed bag of resources that may be misleading or baseless; secondly, it can lead to unnecessary anxiety, fears, and withdrawal from the fact that s/he is suffering from a disease.

Oct 26, 2017, 18:45 PM IST

You'll think twice before throwing away that banana peel – Here are some health benefits

You won't be throwing it away if you knew what it can do.

Oct 04, 2017, 10:19 AM IST

Centre asks states to devise strategy for climate change's health effects

Dr Jagdish Prasad, Director General of Health Services of the Health Ministry, said every state has specific health issues depending on weather.

Sep 21, 2017, 18:57 PM IST

Arvind Kejriwal launches free surgery scheme in private hospitals, BJP calls it an admission of failure

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that Delhi residents will not have to wait much for life-saving surgeries in government hospitals as they can get them done for free in private ones.

Jul 09, 2017, 09:04 AM IST

Feeling drained? Forget coffee, take the stairs for 10 minutes to re-energize yourself!

The study aimed to simulate the hurdles faced in a typical office setting, where workers spend hours sitting and staring at computer screens and don't have time for a longer bout of exercise during the day.

Apr 21, 2017, 09:55 AM IST

Delhiites can now get free diagnostic tests

Under the scheme, all residents of Delhi will get free diagnostic tests in 21 private institutions if they are referred to by Delhi government hospitals.

Mar 02, 2017, 16:40 PM IST

Kareena Kapoor becomes a mommy! Here's what first-time mother's should expect post-delivery and precautionary measures they should take

Starting right from the moment after the baby is delivered till the time you return to your pre-pregnant state, the entire duration of your post-partum period should be invested on yourself.

Dec 20, 2016, 17:02 PM IST

Date's the way to go: Five health benefits of the sweet fruit!

Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals, energy, sugar, and fiber.

Dec 20, 2016, 10:55 AM IST

Your sip of health: These five types of tea infusions will keep you healthy!

Tea is a universally loved beverage. There is hardly a person who doesn't indulge in at least a cup in a day.

Dec 15, 2016, 20:11 PM IST

Researchers find new method to improve predictions

In their study, researchers found that the I-score is effective in differentiating between noisy and predictive variables in big data and can significantly improve the prediction rate.

Dec 05, 2016, 10:16 AM IST

Can you delay death? Know what a study shows

In a study of various types of exercise and their risk levels, the researchers found that participation in specific sports showed significant benefits for public health, and urged doctors and policymakers to encourage people to take them up.

Nov 30, 2016, 05:14 AM IST

Avoid indoor pollution with these 5 tricks!

According to reports, the pollution levels ahead of Diwali have skyrocketed to a hazardous range and this has taken health concerns to the top of the list of priorities.

Oct 29, 2016, 23:19 PM IST

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Five signs that may be indicative of the illness!

It can have a profound impact on someone’s life, and in some cases, it is even considered debilitating.

Oct 24, 2016, 21:22 PM IST

Beware: Reheating these five foods can turn them into poison!

Different foods have different nutritional value, but the ones that turn into a potential health risk when reheated must be avoided no matter how healthy they might be. 

Oct 18, 2016, 22:50 PM IST

Healthy lifestyle reduces end-of-life disability

 Leading a healthy lifestyle can shorten the time that is spent disabled near the end of one's life by nearly two years, says a study.

Oct 01, 2016, 00:48 AM IST