Extra stress can lead to memory loss

Last Updated: Friday, April 08, 2011, 14:11

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have shed new light on how stress can contribute to memory loss in old age.

Hospitalised seniors suffer brief memory loss

Last Updated: Saturday, April 16, 2011, 09:09

A new study has suggested that hospitalisations may really cause temporary memory loss and difficulty in understanding discharge instructions to senior patients.

Fish oil boosts memory function by 15%

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 15:25

Including oily fish like salmon and trout in one’s diet can significantly improve memory by almost 15 percent and help prevent the onset of dementia.

Marijuana causes memory loss?

Last Updated: Friday, March 02, 2012, 18:46

A major drawback of the medical use of marijuana is it’s ill effects on working memory.

Eating berries helps prevent age-related memory loss

Last Updated: Thursday, March 08, 2012, 15:09

There is strong scientific evidence that eating berry fruits has beneficial effects on the brain and may help prevent age-related memory loss.

Turmeric, a key component for Alzheimer`s medicine?

Last Updated: Saturday, August 04, 2012, 10:04

The humble Turmeric or `haldi` is emerging as a promising basis for an inexpensive treatment for Alzheimer`s disease (AD), a new study has found.

Green tea holds promise against Alzheimer`s

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 06, 2013, 14:16

Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that a molecule in green tea can prevent misfolding of specific proteins in the brain, which is associated with amyloid plaques in Alzheimer`s disease.

Mindfulness reduces mind-wandering, improves memory

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 12:16

As little as two weeks of mindfulness training can significantly improve one`s reading comprehension, working memory capacity, and ability to focus.