Chinese man opens plane door, mistaking handle for handrail!

In a bizarre incident, a Chinese man opened the the emergency exit of an aircraft when it was about to take off, mistaking the door handle for a handrail to steady himself.

'Ancient earthquake uncovered in China'

Scientists have found evidence of a powerful earthquake 3,000 years ago in central China, apparently the earliest known tremor in the country`s history, state media reported.

Trapped miners confirmed dead in central China

The bodies of six miners trapped after a rock burst at a coal mine in central China`s Henan province were found by rescuers Friday.

Man`s head cut off by passing truck

A drunk man who leaned out of a car window to puke was killed when a passing truck ripped his head apart in China`s Henan province, police said.

China covered by fog; Beijing air hazardous

Major parts of eastern and central China were shrouded under a thick layer of haze and fog today while pollution in the capital city of Beijing was at `hazardous` levels.

Chinese official owning 29 houses faces graft probe

The procuratorate of Zhengzhou, capital of Henan, decided today to investigate Zhai Zhenfeng, the former director of the housing administration bureau in Erqi district of the city.

Top official on run to escape graft charges held in China

A top Chinese official was arrested from central China`s Henan province, officials said.