Mass spotting of UFO in skies near NASA

Several people reported seeing a ring of blinking lights in the sky in Texas during a recent lightning storm and have claimed that it was a UFO.

Don`t miss an alien and its shadow walking on moon!

Watch this NASA image carefully. In all probability, you may agree to see a humanoid figure walking along the surface of the moon.

Bacteria can help find alien life

A discovery on how bacteria interact with salt to build complex three-dimensional shelters to hibernate has led scientists to believe that the micro-organisms can help find signs of life on other planets.

Tracking pollution in space can help find aliens

Finding industrial pollution in Earth-like planets may hold the key to the search for advanced civilisation elsewhere other than our home planet, says a study.

Now, NASA will carry your messages to aliens

NASA is planning to upload crowd sourced messages from Earth into the outer space through its New Horizons space probe.

Aliens have already decided we`re stupid, says astrophysicist

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has said that alien contact, which is the next frontier - may have already come and gone.

Aliens are definitely out there: SETI astronomers

Aliens definitely exist, as claimed by SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence) astronomers. Reportedly these two astronomers have told the US Congress that the search for extraterrestrial life is "plausible and warrants scientific inquiry" and appealed for continued funding to research life beyond Earth.

Scientist claims humans will find aliens by 2040

A scientist has claimed that humans will be able to find aliens within the next 25 years

`Aliens` stars reunite for 28th anniversary

The stars of hit sci-fi film `Aliens` have reunited 28 years after the film first premiered. A sequel to Ridley Scott`s wildly popular `Alien`, the James Cameron-directed sci-fi movie smashed records when it debuted in 1986, reportedly.

Humans will find aliens by 2040, claims scientist

A scientist has claimed that humans will be able to find aliens within the next 25 years.

Katy Perry admits she believes in aliens

Katy Perry has confessed that she believes a lot in astrology and aliens .

Pilot reports `near-miss` encounter with UFO

A pilot of A320 Airbus has reported that he had a close encounter with "a rugby ball-like" bright silver and metallic UFO that passed within just a few feet of the jet.

Alien life near us a distinct possibility

It`s time to tune into "2013: A Space Odyssey". A pair of failed stars - known as brown dwarfs in the astronomers` community - may be hiding an alien world which, if confirmed, would be one of the closest ever to our sun.

About 44% people think aliens do exist: Survey

There have been many claims and debates about the existence of aliens, also known as ‘extraterrestrial life’ elsewhere in the Universe.

Dead aliens easier to find

Aliens on far-away planets can be found even after they die out.

Rihanna set to travel to space

Singer Rihanna will reportedly get herself tickets in Richard Branson`s much awaited Virgin Galactic spaceship, which will travel to space next year.

Russian `space troops` not prepared for alien invasion: Official

A Russian defence official has reportedly said that the country`s Aerospace Defence Troops, or ` space troops` are not geared up if aliens strike the planet.

Humans may look like `Close Encounters` aliens in 100,000 yrs

A researcher has speculated that humans in the next 100,000 years may look like aliens from the hit movie `Close Encounters of the Third Kind`: large, bug eyes, huge foreheads and pigmented skin.

`Invisible` alien space probes exploring our solar system?

`Self replicating` robotic space probes from alien civilisations could already have arrived in our solar system - but we don`t have the advanced technology to detect them, a new study has claimed.

Aliens `living among us`

A former top government official has claimed that aliens do exist and are living among us.