Follow these tips to reduce stroke risk

Scientists have come up with easy to remember pointers, which can help reduce the risk of having a stroke.

Long-term depression may double stroke risk: Study

Long-term depression may double the risk of stroke for middle-aged adults, according to a new research.

Half hour of exercise 6 days a week cuts death risk by 40 percent

Indulging in physical activities for 30 minutes 6 days a week could slash death risk from any cause in elderly men by 40 percent, claims a new study.

Seniors with lingering depression double their stroke risk despite treatment

A new study has suggested that long-term depression may double the risk of stroke in adults over 50 and stroke risk remains higher even after symptoms of depression go away.

Jimmy Greaves in intensive care after stroke
Jimmy Greaves in intensive care after stroke

Former England and Tottenham striker Jimmy Greaves has suffered a severe stroke and is in intensive care in hospital, his family said on Monday.

Neurointervention technique helps 60-year-old overcome partial paralysis

A 60 year-old man, who suffered an acute stroke leading to partial body paralysis, was saved by performing a neurointervention technique at a city hospital, hospital authorities said on Saturday.

Urine test can predict obesity risk

The chemicals in urine could hold a clue to who is likely to become obese in future, new research says.

Air pollution bad for your brain too

Long-term exposure to fine particle air pollution may cause subtle structural changes in the brain that increase risks of poor cognitive function and dementia, says a study.

Former Singapore president recovering after stroke

Former Singapore president SR Nathan who served the nation for the longest tenure has suffered a stroke and is recovering now in hospital, his family has said.

'Game-changing' new method to treat stroke

Removal of the clot causing a severe stroke, in combination with the standard medication, improves the restoration of blood flow to the brain and may result in better long term outcomes, a new study has found.

New treatment holds best option for stroke patient

For its ability to reduce the incidence of disability, a procedure called endovascular therapy (ET) could be the best option for many stroke sufferers, says a study co-authored by an Indian-origin doctor.

Can aspirin save you from cancer?

Elderly people are increasingly turning to aspirin to protect themselves from heart ailments and cancer, reveals a new survey.

Poor air quality can also lead to stroke

Apart from respiratory problems and cardiovascular diseases, increased air pollution also elevates your risk of suffering a stroke, says a new study.

Mental practice and physical therapy accelerate stroke recovery

A combination of mental practice and physical therapy provides an effective treatment for people recovering from a stroke, new research has found.

Now, a mobile app for atrial fibrillation

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) on Thursday announced the release of a new mobile app and screening programme to help prevent heart stroke in atrial fibrillation (AF) patients.

Here's when to take statins or not

A new study has offered clinicians tips to help patients make the right call whether to use cholesterol-lowering statins or not.

This new tool helps chart risks of heart attack, stroke for anyone in world aged over 40

A new tool, dubbed as Globorisk, can help chart risks of heart attack, stroke for anyone in world aged over 40.

Dental health indicator of overall health: AIIMS experts

On the occasion of World Oral Health Day, experts at AIIMS Friday said that dental health is an indicator of one's overall health, including risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Folic acid supplements can help ward off stroke in people with high BP

 A new study has revealed that folic acid supplements can help ward off stroke in people with high blood pressure.

Hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women can be really harmful

It turns out that hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women does not always do good to their health.