Bilingualism eases stroke recovery

A team of researchers has discovered that bilinguals are twice as likely to recover from a stroke compared to their unilingual counterparts.

Namibian cricketer van Schoor dies
Namibian cricketer van Schoor dies

The 25-year-old died after collapsing during a South African domestic game against Free State.

Namibian cricketer Raymond van Schoor passes away aged 25

Namibian batsman Raymond van Schoor passed away on Friday, five days after he collapsed whilst playing for Namibia in Windhoek. He was 25.

Walking faster, longer good for elderly

The study found that those who were more active had significantly lower risk of future heart attacks and stroke.

How air pollution risks your heart?

A team of researchers has explained what effect air pollution has on heart disease patients.

Sweetened drinks tied to increased heart failure risk

Regular consumption of sweetened drinks has been associated with changes in blood pressure, insulin levels, and inflammatory markers, as well as weight gain.

World Stroke Day: Ways you can reduce your risk!

Worldwide, stroke kills 3 million women and 2.5 million men every year.  

Blood pressure meds can't undo all damage

As per a recent study, treating out-of-control blood pressure with antihypertensive medication can greatly reduce your risk for heart attack, stroke and heart failure, but the current approach to treatment can't undo all of the previous damage or restore cardiovascular disease risk to ideal levels.

Pacemaker-checks good way to ward off stroke

Pacemakers can detect asymptomatic AF but are not routinely monitored for this purpose.

Gender gap exists in usage of post-heart attack meds

A new study has revealed that young women are less likely to be prescribed or take post-heart attack medications.

Lower the systolic BP, lesser the risk of hypertension complication

LVH, the enlargement and thickening of the walls of the left ventricle, the heart's main pumping chamber, is associated with an increased risk of heart failure, stroke and even sudden cardiac death.

Skin psoriasis linked to higher cardiovascular risk

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease which occurs when skin cells grow too quickly, resulting in thick white or red patches of skin.

'Psychic' algorithm can tell what humans meant to do

Bioengineers at the University of Illinois at Chicago developed the mathematical algorithm that can "see" your intention while performing an ordinary action.

Flu shot reduces risk of stroke

A new research shows that chances of having a stroke fell by around a fifth in the first 59 days after receiving the flu jab.

By 2025, early deaths from heart disease, stroke expected to rise

As per a recent study, deaths from heart disease and stroke could rise unless countries address risk factors.

How birth control pills may risk your heart

Ladies! You may want to avoid using oral contraceptives as a new study has suggested that birth control pills pose a small but significant risk of the most common type of stroke.

Treat high blood pressure aggressively, urges 'lifesaving' study

 A recent study has backed the need of more aggressive treatment for high blood pressure.

Patients with abnormal heartbeat likelier to have strokes in cold weather

As per a research conducted, it is found that patients with atrial fibrillation or abnormal heart beats are more prone to stroke risk due to cold weather.

Depressive symptoms, extreme blood pressure increase stroke risk, says Indian Scientist

An Indian scientist working with the University of Glasgow has said that patients with a combination of depression and high or low blood pressure have the higher risk of suffering from a stroke.

Australia, India to join hands to combat lifestyle diseases 

Public health experts from Australia and India are set to collaborate on a new research on lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancers.