Know why eating banana is good for health!

Banana is a fruit which is loved by all and good for health. 

This Navratras - aim for natural beauty with Fruits!

Navratra season indeed compels us to get a make-over; be it clothes, makeup or shoe; we spare nothing and swap all to emerge pretty as the “Goddess” itself! 

Banana can reduce risk of stroke, death in older women

A new study has found that postmenopausal women who consume potassium-rich foods like banana face lesser risk of stroke and death.

Recipe: Strawberry Banana Milkshake

Try out this yummy recipe of `strawberry banana milkshake` by following these simple steps now!

FIFA official says fines for racism are `disrespectful`

FIFA`s anti-racism chief Jeffrey Webb has called on national soccer associations to start implementing tougher sanctions to rid the game of discrimination, describing the use of monetary fines as "disrespectful" and little more than a "slap on the wrist."

Recipe: Banana Fritters

All the food lovers, who like to experiment with their taste, here goes a recipe that will serve you right. Try out the new `banana fritters` this summer.

Saha calls for racism crackdown

Former France striker Louis Saha has called for football clubs to be punished with multi-million pounds fines if their fans are found guilty of racist abuse.

Recipe: Banana pie

This soft pie will just melt into your mouth

UK family finds hundreds of deadly spiders in pack of bananas

A terrified UK family fled their home after hundreds of deadly spiders swarmed out of a pack of bananas they had bought from a local shop.

Sportspersons are my fitness role models: John Abraham

Actor-producer John Abraham says sportspersons across the world are his role models as far as fitness is concerned.

Three superfoods to help to get a good night`s sleep

Experts suggest that eating a banana or drinking a glass of milk can help you get a sound sleep.

`Banana` will bring back old memories to audience: John Abraham

Actor-turned-producer John Abraham says his forthcoming film `Banana` will surprise the audience and make them nostalgic.

Gorge on pre-workout energy snacks

Ready to hit the gym? Dig in some almonds, apples or bananas, which are packed with essential nutrients. This will not only rejuvenate you but also reduce the risk of muscle cramps.

`Banana` is special for John Abraham

John Abraham`s upcoming production has a quirky title – ‘Banana’!

Recipe: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Start your day with this super healthy smoothie

Fight over a banana lands man to jail for 5 months

The prosecution case dated back to November 2004 when Munir Khan had parked his snacks cart near that of a fruit vendor selling bananas in Sadar Bazar area.

Common Dietary Myths in India

There are certain dietary myths which are associated with the concept of so called ‘healthy food’.

Aus, India to jointly develop new strains of bananas

Australia`s Queensland University of Technology has inked an agreement with India`s Department of Biotechnology for developing new strains of bananas that will help counter iron-deficiency anaemia in India.

Three bananas a day cuts risk of stroke

Having one banana for breakfast, one for lunch and one in the evening would provide enough potassium to reduce the chances of suffering a blood clot on the brain by around 21 per cent.