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Spice Jet plane suffers bird hit, lands safely in Srinagar

A Spice Jet flight with over 180 people on board suffered a bird hit while landing at the international airport here Tuesday morning, but no one was injured.

Thai aircraft hit by bird at Kathmandu airport

A Thai Airways plane coming from Bangkok on Sunday suffered a minor damage after it was hit by a bird while landing at Nepal's international airport here.

US airliner makes emergency landing after bird strike

A US airliner made an emergency landing at a New York airport on Friday after it hit a bird following take-off but no one was injured.

Malaysia Airlines plane hits birds during landing in Nepal

One hundred and eighty people on board a Malaysia Airlines jet had some anxious moments when the plane hit a flock of ducks as soon as it landed here in Nepal cracking its windshield, officials said.

Bird hit forces emergency landing of Jetlite flight

A Delhi-bound Jetlite flight with 142 people onboard, including six crew members, made an emergency landing following a bird hit at Mohanbari Airport here.

Dreamliner suffers bird hit in Bangalore

An Air India Dreamliner aircraft, carrying 127 passengers from New Delhi, suffered a bird hit while landing at the Bangalore airport.

Jet Airways Delhi-Jaipur flight suffers bird hit

A Delhi-Jaipur flight of Jet Airways on Saturday suffered a bird hit during landing at Sanganer airport following which the aircraft was grounded for technical inspection.

Bird hit forces Jet flight to return to base

The aircraft had taken off at 10.40 am and about 20 minutes into its flight the pilot reported a bird hit and returned to the base.

SpiceJet aircraft suffers bird hit; all safe

The incident took place around 9 AM when the flight was about to touch down and suddenly a bird hit the right wing of the aircraft.

Pak drone crashes after bird hit in Karachi

A Pakistani Navy drone crashed near an oil refinery in Karachi on Tuesday after a bird hit.

Kingfisher flight grounded after bird hit

A Mumbai-bound Kingfisher flight
was grounded today at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport here after it suffered a bird hit.

Bird-hit stops AI flight in Thiruvananthapuram

An Air India flight bound
for Chennai with 103 passengers and crew on board aborted
the take-off after suffering a bird hit at the international
airport here on Monday.

Kingfisher plane suffers bird hit at Mum airport

A Kingfisher aircraft from Delhi with 160 people on board Monday suffered a bird hit while landing at the airport here that left its engine damaged.

Mumbai-bound Kingfisher plane suffers bird hit

A Mumbai-bound Kingfisher Airlines flight from Delhi suffered a suspected bird hit while landing at the city airport today.

Kingfisher plane returns to airport after bird hit

A Delhi-bound Kingfisher Airlines flight with 120 passengers on board Friday returned to the airport shortly after take off due to a suspected bird hit.

Chandigarh: AI plane lands safely after bird hit

An Air India Mumbai-Delhi-
Chandigarh flight with 153 passengers on board suffered a bird
hit after it landed at the airport here.

GoAir flight suffers bird hit, lands safely

In a close shave for a Mumbai-
bound GoAir flight, the plane with over 130 onboard suffered a
bird hit that damaged one its blades soon after it took-off
from the city airport on Saturday, forcing it to return.

Close shave for AI as flight suffers bird-hit

An Air India plane from Mumbai to
Delhi with 140 passengers and six crew members had a close
shave today when it suffered a bird hit while landing at the
city airport.

Bird-hit cases on rise; airlines suffer Rs 7cr loss

Airlines have suffered a loss
of around Rs seven crore, so far, this year due to bird-hit
cases in the country.