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Researchers develop novel drug to repair brain damage in stroke patients

Researchers develop novel drug to repair brain damage in stroke patients

It can potentially reduce the number of brain cells destroyed by stroke and also help in repairing the damage done to a certain extent.

Stroke – 10 warning signs you should know!

Strokes can strike poeple of any age, including children, but adults over 65 years of age are most at risk.

How to tell if your child has cerebral palsy!

Cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage that happens before or during a baby's birth, or during the first years of a child's life. 

Long-term damage seen from brain injuries: large study

The study in the journal PLOS Medicine included some 100,000 children and adolescents in Sweden who were born between 1973 and 1985 and had sustained at least one traumatic brain injury, or TBI, before the age of 25.

Sharon Stone feels effects of brain damage

Sharon Stone feels effects of brain damage

 Actress Sharon Stone feels like her "entire DNA changed" after suffering a brain haemorrhage in the year 2001 and that she is still feeling the effects of brain damage.

Exposure to air pollution for long could damage your brain

If you are a middle aged or older, and are exposed to polluted air longer durations, you may be at risk of damaging your brain.

Infrared light may improve brain's cognitive function

A sustained exposure to red and near infrared light can improve blood flow in the region of exposure, according to a new study on Gulf War veterans.

Multi-tasking could damage your brain: Study

Multi-tasking can hamper your performance and may even damage your brain, claim researchers from Stanford University.

Revivifying drugs with anti-stroke potential by minimizing side effects

A team of researchers is revivifying drugs with anti-stroke potential by minimizing their side effects.

Mechanism linked to stroke damage identified

Researchers have discovered the mechanism linked to stroke damage and brain function, thus paving the way to develop a new drug target to block brain damage.

Spinal cord injury may cause brain damage

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) may cause progressive brain degeneration, says a new research.

Black Tusk bassist Jonathan Athon dies after US crash

The bass player for the heavy metal band Black Tusk has died after being critically injured in a weekend motorcycle crash near his Georgia home.

Simple test can spot rare insulin disease in infants

Infants with a rare form of a insulin disease that may lead to brain damage and death can now be identified earlier, thanks to a test developed by researchers from the University of Manchester in Britain.

Head injury causes immune system to attack brain

Head injury causes immune system to attack brain

Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found that stopping the body's immune system from killing brain cells can reduce the brain damage caused by head injuries.

Mechanism that regenerates brain cells after stroke identified

Mechanism that regenerates brain cells after stroke identified

A team of researchers discovered a new mechanism that repairs brain after a stroke.

Kids living in megacities likelier to risk brain damage from air pollution

A new study has recently revealed that kids living in megacities are more prone to brain damage from air pollution.

Sleep apnea-caused brain damage can be reversed

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy can help reverse brain damage caused by severe sleep apnea, says a study.

Brain area that can be `trained` to improve multitasking skills identified

Researchers have identified the area of brain that is involved in multitasking and how people can train it to be better at the skill.

Protein can prevent brain damage from toxic chemicals

Engineering a protein, research shows, may prevent brain damage in civilians and soldiers exposed to poisonous chemicals - particularly those in pesticides and chemical weapons.

Oldest evidence of human brain damage found

Anthropologists have unearthed a 100,000-year-old skeleton of a child in Israel who may have died because of a brain injury - the oldest evidence of brain damage in a modern human.