Is your perception of knowledge just an illusion?

New research reveals that the more people think they know about a topic in general, the more likely they are to assert knowledge comprising made-up information and false facts, a phenomenon known as "over-claiming".

Weighing yourself daily can help shed pounds

If you are looking for a simple strategy to become slim, then start stepping on a scale each day and track the results, a new study says.

Social media reactions after terrorist attack studied
Social media reactions after terrorist attack studied

Emotional reactions on Twitter in the hours and weeks following a terrorist attack can help predict where public fears will be heightened most as a result of the incident, a new study says.

Secret behind Dragonflies' dizzying zig-zag flight revealed
Secret behind Dragonflies' dizzying zig-zag flight revealed

In a new study, scientists have revealed how dragonflies control each of their four wings individually and manipulate fluid dynamics to fly.

Indian-American researcher makes 3D-printed loudspeakers

An Indian-American researcher at the Cornell University has used 3D printing to make a loudspeaker that work almost as soon as it comes out of the printer.

How multicellularity evolved

A plant evolutionary biologist has now reviewed the history of multicellularity and the changes that cells must have had to go through - like aspects of their shape, function, structure, and development - in order to be able to functionally combine with other cells.

Major breakthrough in fight against cancer

In a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer, researchers at Cornell University claimed to have isolated a protein that causes metastasized tumors, which is the major cause of cancer-related deaths.

New `sticky balls` treatment may help stop spread of cancer

Here is some good news for cancer patients as scientists at Cornell University have developed nanoparticles which have the power to demolish tumour cells present in the blood stream thereby further preventing spread of cancer.

Small changes to kids` fast food meals can help cut calorie consumption

Researchers have revealed that small changes to common combo meals in places like McDonald`s restaurants can help reduce kids` calorie consumption.

Bigger bowls prompt kids to want more, waste more

Kids who are given larger bowls will ask for more cereal than when they`re given smaller bowls, and will more than likely overeat or waste the excess food, according to a new study.

Now, Facebook analysis can predict your break-up!

Facebook analysis can help in predicting when partners are heading towards a break-up, through what is touted by researchers as a `theory of dispersion`.

New `wonder` malaria vaccine may be too pricey for success

A researcher has said that a promising new malaria vaccine being tested by GlaxoSmithKline is a step in the right direction, but much more economical methods are needed.

Titan reveals how life on Earth evolved 3.5 billion yrs ago

A researcher has claimed that glimpses of the events, which nurtured life on Earth, more than 3.5 billion years ago are coming from Saturn`s moon, Titan, 1 billion miles away.

‘Intel agents like Snowden prone to irrational decisions`

According to the study conducted by Cornell University, intelligence agents exhibited larger biases on 30 gain-loss framing decisions, and were also more confident in those decisions.

Today’s wealth of world`s seed banks key for the future

With fewer than a dozen flowering plants out of 300,000 species accounting for 80 percent of humanity`s caloric intake, people need to tap unused plants to feed the world in the near future.

Massive earthquakes can cause volcanoes to sink

Massive earthquakes can cause far-off volcanoes to sink by as much as 15 centimetres, according to new research.

Evidence of drinkable water found on Mars

NASA scientists have revealed that the Opportunity rover has made new discoveries about early water on Mars which may have been drinkable.

Why some people decide to stay away from Facebook

Some people don`t use Facebook, even when there are a billion active accounts worldwide.

Making fruit easier to eat increases consumption among school kids

Children ate more apples when they were provided with fruit slicers in school cafeterias, according to a new research.

People can see flavor of foods

A scientist has said that people actually can see the flavor of foods, and the eyes have such a powerful role that they can trump the tongue and the nose.