Now, 'electronic nose' to detect diarrhoea

In what could lead to faster diagnosis of diarrhoea and stomach cramps, researchers have developed an "electronic nose" that can sniff the highly infectious bacteria that causes these diseases.

Chinese herbal drug sends Australian woman to hospital

A Chinese herbal medicine meant for back pain triggered life-threatening heart condition for an Australian woman, physicians reported.

100 Diarrhoea monitoring units set up in Koraput district

To contain waterborne diseases which spread during monsoon around 100 Diarrhoea monitoring units (DMU) have been constituted in Koraput district to monitor the situation, an official said Thursday.

Maharashtra govt, UNICEF launch campaign against diarrhoea

Maharashtra government and UNICEF on Monday launched a fortnight-long awareness campaign to mobilise communities, health personnel and political leaders towards prevention of diarrhoea.

Avoid swallowing `bacteria` from pool water in summer

Love to take that evening dip in the neighbourhood swimming pool in this frying summer? Go take one but beware of swallowing pool water as this may be abound with bacteria and parasites.

Can pizza kill winter vomiting disease?

For pizza lovers, here is another cheesy news: a substance in pizza is effective against Norovirus - also known as the winter vomiting disease - which is a leading cause of vomiting and diarrhoea around the world.

Vitamin A deficiency may up risk of childhood illnesses

School-age kids who do not get enough vitamin A are more likely to get sick with gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses, a new study has found.

Faster way to catch food poisoning microbes

A team of scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher Sibani Lisa Biswal, has developed a faster method to catch unwanted microbes before they can make people sick with food poisoning.

Cruise ship docks in NJ after illness fells more than 600 peopl

Cheers erupted on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship as it arrived back in home port on Wednesday, its voyage cut short by an outbreak of vomiting and diarrhea that felled more than 600 people.

71 killed in Nigeria cholera outbreak

At least 71 people have died of cholera in Nigeria`s Kano state, an official said.

Less than 12 percent of children use toilets in India

Less than 12 percent of children use toilets in India and this is leading to diseases like diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid, social scientists said here Friday.

Parenting tips: Ten signs your newborn is ill

Below are some helpful tips to help you know your little one is ill as well as some general guidelines for when to seek medical help.

India has largest pneumonia, diarrhoeal disease burden: Report

India continues to have the largest pneumonia and diarrhoeal disease burden in the world, according to a report by leading health US health institute The Bloomberg School.

`Cholera outbreak claims 74 lives in Nigeria`

As many as 74 people have died of cholera in Nigeria, the country`s health minister said Monday.

Diarrhoea claims one life, 700 people affected

One person has died and around 700 affected by diarrhoea in North Dum Dum municipal area of North 24 Parganas district, official sources said on Thursday.

91 students fall sick in China

Over 90 students at a primary school in southwest China have been hospitalised after they felt unwell and complained of diarrhoea symptoms.

Rotavirus rates fell in adults, too, after vaccine

Fewer older children and adults were hospitalized for severe diarrhoea once the U.S. started vaccinating babies against rotavirus in 2006, according to a new study.

64,000 diarrhoea cases reported in Sindh

At least 64,320 cases of diarrhoea have been reported across Pakistan`s Sindh province this month, an official said.

Cheap condoms could cause skin infections, diarrhoea: Research

The results of this research has revealed that three out of 12 brands of condoms popular in the market contain traces of disease-causing pathogens which raises pertinent questions about the safety and genuinity.

More than forty suffer from diarrhoea in Odisha

Over 40 people have suffered from diarrhoea at Bikrampur village in Ganjam district in the past ten days, official sources said Tuesday.