It's the way I am, says controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma
It's the way I am, says controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who was embroiled in controversy for his objectionable tweets on Lord Ganesh recently, believes in freedom of expression. He says expressing what he feels in a manner he likes, is the way he enjoys being.

Italian PM hands out ice cream in response to magazine cover

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has handed out ice creams to journalists at his official residence in a lighthearted response to a cover of the Economist weekly showing him on a sinking ship, cone in hand.

Ladyfinger to help ice cream last longer

How the humble okra or ladyfinger vegetable can help your ice cream last longer and hinder melting? Well if we believe scientists, okra extracts can be used as a stabiliser in ice cream.

Scarlett Johansson satisfies pregnancy cravings with ice cream

Scarlett Johansson satisfied her pregnancy craving before a movie date with fiancé Romain Dauriac by indulging in ice cream.

Working with RGV matters more than a hit film: Tejaswi

Actress Tejaswi Madivada, who is playing the lead in Ram Gopal Varma-directed Telugu thriller `Ice Cream`, says working with the auteur matters the most to her and not whether he is able to churn out hit films or not.

Craziest ice cream flavours to try this summer

If you want to cool down this summer with ice cream, chuck the usual and try strange varieties like jellyfish, avocado and mamushi snake.

Visualise ice cream eating sensations on screen

What if you can visualise sensations your mouth experiences as you gulp down your favourite ice cream?

Harry Styles gets seasonal ice cream all year round!

Singer Harry Styles gets what he wants - at least his favourite ice cream! He has a liking for an ice cream, which is available only in a particular season to the masses, but for him, it is made available all through the year.

Having ice cream may not lift your mood

Do you often rush for comfort foods such as chocolate or ice cream in order to boost your mood?

`Anchorman` gets own ice cream flavour

Paramount and Ben & Jerry team up to launch a new ice cream flavour inspired by comedy ‘Anchorman’, which will be getting its sequel released in late this year.

Relish ice cream according to sun sign

All ice cream flavours taste heavenly, but knowing which one is specially created for which zodiac sign makes it fun.

Israel`s PM freezes ice cream expenditure

Following an Israeli newspaper`s scoop, the country`s Prime Minister has "frozen" his annual ice cream budget.

Obama orders hot fudge sundae on surprise ice cream stop

Obama made a surprise stop for ice cream at the University of New Hampshire Dairy Bar, after his campaign speech at a High School.

Why you get a headache when you bite an ice cream?

Brain freeze is an almost universal experience—almost everyone has felt the near-instantaneous headache brought on by a bite of ice cream.

UAE to make camel milk ice-cream

UAE is planning to introduce a new variety of ice cream created from camel milk.

Ice cream `could be as addictive as cocaine`

The mouth-watering treat could be as addictive as cocaine,as the cravings for
the two are quite similar.

R&B singer Rihanna ‘needs’ to eat chocolate ice cream

Rihanna ‘needs’ to eat chocolate ice cream, as it is her favourite comfort food, her personal trainer has revealed.

Ice cream can make you nostalgic

A new survey suggests that ice creams can trigger emotions linked to its place of origin.

Recipe: Peppermint Ice Cream

Peppermint ice-cream will help you evade heat this summer. So try it out.

Ice cream can make you nostalgic

The next time you order an American ice cream, get ready to feel like a busy bee, for a new survey has revealed that these chilled sweet treats can trigger emotions linked to its place of origin